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Attention Arbroath fans
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Posted Friday 1st Mar 2013 06:56

Stevie D

If rumour right about Doris that will be a big blow because even thought he not scoring, he always tries and is a threat, against Brechin you could see the ball just wasn;t running for him, he just needed a bit of luck. Ah well looking like Holmes and Bayne upfront tomorrow.
Bayne was excellent against Forfar but again has lost that zip i think. Defo need a win tomorrow as QOS at home still to play and Forfar away big games !!!

Posted Friday 1st Mar 2013 11:06

re: Stevie D

Can,t we get an emergency signing? Iam sure we did this several seasons ago when we got Gibson on loan from Montrose.
There has to be somebody available.:?

Posted Friday 1st Mar 2013 11:19

re: Stevie D

Well i certainly hope so, cos i am not getting good vibes about tomorrows game. Is there not a rumour that Bobby Linn has signed. Could do with young lad fae Montrose Martin Boyle...or a goalscoring midfielder like Touten of Brechin..Not a lot of them going about...!!!!!!!!!1

Posted Friday 1st Mar 2013 13:40

re: Stevie D

Whats the rumour ???

Posted Friday 1st Mar 2013 20:23

re: Stevie D

Any chance of starting the thread out with a wee bit of a clue ?
Just a thought for us ill informed guys

Posted Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 12:00

re: Stevie D

Read on one thread Stevie has hamstring problem and could be out for a couple of weeks. Presume thats why he came off early the other night

Posted Tuesday 5th Mar 2013 14:47

re: Stevie D

Confirmed in the courier today that sadly Stevie D does have a hamstring injury and is likely to be out for the next 4 weeks.

We could be struggling for numbers this weekend with suspensions and injuries.

Posted Tuesday 5th Mar 2013 17:14

re: Stevie D

Why does Sheerin not bring in players on emergency one month loans?Annan are doing it as are Stenny who have got Mbu from Cowdenbeath to cover for Macmillan who is injured.
Surely it can;t be a question of finance with t.v. revenue having been obtained from our cup games with Rangers and Celtic over the past year.:?
P.S. the under 19s brought in last week are not ready for the fight.

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