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Episode 139

tum tee tum tee tum tee tum

"Morning,boss...Happy New Year. I didn't see you yesterday. Did you have the day off,like most other people?" asked Percy.

"Happy New Year,Percy." replied the Don. "No,I was working yesterday down at Dover from 12.01 am,dishing out the 1 Leu and 1 Lev vouchers for the Dire so that all the Romanians and Bulgarians can come and see Fundee. I got rid of them all in three hours and then drove back up here so that I could watch the Big Team again,playing the Dons."

"Are you becoming a regular over there?" asked Percy.

"Well watching them certainly beats what THE MANAGER serves up to the Funsters here,and I thought I might meet up with some fellow Dons as well." said the Don.

"But the Big Team lost,did they not?" asked Percy.

"Yes they did,although only to a very late goal. I thought we were the only ones who could sneak victories via late goals,but Aberdeen did it too. Having said that they were the better team yesterday,without being great." e

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Just sometimes the Don surprises me with his footballing wisdom.