View Full Version : Player ratings v Crewe

02-01-2014, 07:50 AM
A really poor and disappointing display. Only started to show a bit of commitment when we fell behind. Five in midfield yet we were overrun there by a not particularly good Crewe side.

Amos 6 not much to do. Little chance with the first goal which was well struck.
Chimbonda 5 like Robson little protection in front of him and done for pace
Thirlwell 5 looked to be struggling even before injury forced him off
Ehmer 7 composed and did well until shoulder injury when he struggled after that
Robson 7 got forward well in the 2nd half but little support either defensively or when attacking
Lawrence 6 lovely goal but positionally all over the place, far to narrow and lack of width gave Crewe acres of space to attack down that side
Buaben 4 did littla and often caught in possession
Berrett 6 given the holding role in front of the back four and worked hard but struggled
Noble 4 needs to look to his own game instead of berating Chimbonda. Wasted a gilt edged chance in front of goal following one

02-01-2014, 09:53 AM
The dire away performances continue.. It is getting annoying now. Same old crap..like watching a team set up by Abbott. Dress it up all you like,but the harsh truth is we are 3 points off relegation and its not getting any better. 3 defeats in 4 over the festive period. Piss poor stuff.
Lets change the style,its slow plodding..hoofing it up to an isolated striker is getting us nowhere.
Been saying this for ages now,but a once in a blue moon performance does not cut it with me. Crewe were not a good side and we should not be getting beat by these sides at the foot of the table. Disgusted to be fair with same old failings.

Same old inconsistent stuff..and please do not make excuse we are playing a second string Sunderland side on Sunday(big game for some),this was a ***** game yesterday and they bottled it.

02-01-2014, 02:33 PM
Amos 6 nothing to do really
Chimbonda 3 awful
Thirlwell 6 did ok till went off
Ehmer 6 solid, apart from one occasion when just jogged after ball and their lad sprinted round him to get the ball
Robson 6 did his job
Noble 5 shocking passing
Berrett 5 not in the game
Bauben 5 same as above
Amoo 5 needs to learn to judge the bounce of a ball
Lawrence 7 only one who looks capable of creating something
Miller 3 doesn't look bothered

CMW 6 solid
Guy 6 usual hard work
Morris 4 shocking set pieces