View Full Version : the DABS young superstars vs

02-01-2014, 03:01 PM
...oor so called has-beens & never has-beens.

seems to me like the superstars are starting tae believe their own hype...they were all rank phukkin rotten yesterday, thought they just had tae turn up and the game was won.

I would nae gie ye a tuppence ha'penny or a chewy sweetie for any o them.

they were completely shown up for the over hyped phukkin ponces that they really are.

our lot including the DUFC_POTY bossed the game fae start tae finish...only one team had the desire tae win and that was us.

twice this season we've sent those gobby, ginger bassas on their way.

the red flag is flying high :)