View Full Version : We won't get promotion without Ings

03-01-2014, 09:14 AM
Simple I know, and we might not get promotion with him, but any believing we'll bring in players to make this side stronger if we do sell him are living in cloud cuckoo land.

The Bedlington Terrier
03-01-2014, 09:18 AM
Let's face it, if an offer comes in for Danny at ?10,000,000 pounds sterling plus he is a goner! SD would buy two one million pound strikers, we would be financially secure and still get promoted. Danny is good but he is not irreplaceable, neither were Jay Rod or Charlie Boy. I would love all three to be here but we are Burnley not..?

03-01-2014, 09:33 AM
Stop being such a worrier ablue.

03-01-2014, 09:35 AM
you should post more, abc.

03-01-2014, 09:42 AM
You got shares in Royal Mail Quoon.

03-01-2014, 09:54 AM
sold 'em.

03-01-2014, 09:55 AM
Have to take up a day job soon then quoon.

03-01-2014, 10:17 AM
i could have yours.

03-01-2014, 12:58 PM
You'd get a splitting headache.

03-01-2014, 01:06 PM
i'd rather that than a splitting infinitive.

03-01-2014, 01:12 PM
Have they found that definitive splitting infinitive yet, I'm still awaiting developments. Could cost us promotion.

03-01-2014, 01:13 PM
we could sell ings for 10 million and buy 4 players for the squad. easy

03-01-2014, 09:29 PM
Might as well not bother going on then.

Classic abc thread. ?.

"We won't get promotion without Ings Simple I know, and we might not get promotion with him"

Simple is the key word.