View Full Version : The two Aberdeen boys...

03-01-2014, 10:57 PM
that let off the smoke bombs, telt they are getting the jail. But its ok if you stick your fingers in a bairns arse as you'll only get a wee bit of community service. Absolutely crazy and I will gladly stick a couple of quid in a pot to pay for their deffence. Ridiculous that you can make pictures of kids and get away almost scot free, yet these two lads will no doubt lose their jobs. I f*cking hate the sheep, but I dont hate them that much.

Edited to say, the polis are handy as f*ck against aberdeen, but you never see the chunts when Smelltic or Strangers are in town. F*cking wimps.

MOD EDIT- See 'object thrown' thread