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04-01-2014, 11:50 AM
There is a renewed call for penalties against divers by Blatter, Martinez and also Mourinho.
Blatter wants some kind of time penaltiy for divers and play actors.

I'm all for the eradication of these cheats but the refs also need to get better and/or have more video technology as help.
The reason I say this is that I have seen players like Pawlett get nothing when fouled in the box(or out) when they tried to stay on their feet, whereas if they'd gone down they would have gotten the foul.
And also, I have seen players like Mcginn, being booked for diving, so he would then receive the time penalty or card or whatever, when he was taken out!

So again, i'm all for it, but the authorities also need to help refs in making the right decisions.

A big task with the useless lot up here! (authorities and refs).

04-01-2014, 01:10 PM
anything Blatter says... do the opposite and you will not be far wrong.

If they asked Blatter to come up with the best system to board planes, he would do it in alphabetical order.

04-01-2014, 01:31 PM
I caught a bit of the Edinburgh derby the other night just as the hearts boy dived and got booked for it, the co-commentator says "it's worth a try if you can get away with it". Was wondering if it was Andy Walker, as he used to say that on Scotsport in an attempt to defend his beloved celtic players when it was obvious they were at it. Though I'm sure he was probably outraged when Peter Pawlett was accused of diving.

It's a ridiculous thing to say, as the guy's basically advocating cheating. Even if a player is smart enough to get away with it, the bottom line is it's still cheating, and I don't think anyone takes any satisfaction in seeing a team benefiting in this way, especially if it's an opposing player. I hate to see any of our players (on rare occasions) trying it, especially when it's so obvious.

Folk like Walker (or whoever it was) should not be anywhere near a microphone, as they're sending out completely the wrong message, especially if FIFA are clamping down on it.

04-01-2014, 01:38 PM
I am an advocate of introducing the pink card. This would be shown to any divers, injury fakers or purveyors of other such nanmby pamby, non-mannie fitba actions. it would then not be possible to commit a foul against the pink carded player for the rest of the game, I.e. You could kick him in the b0llocks and it would not be an infringement.