View Full Version : Has the Premier League novelty worn off?

15-01-2014, 10:48 AM
I don't often comment on here so if i have covered anything again, then i do apologise.

I'm going to throw a big cat amongst the pigeons here with this post, but putting the Chris Hughton issue to one side, can we not put some spotlight on the players as well?

2 players in particular for me...Snodgrass and Johnson, who personally i feel have underachieved for the club this season in key roles on the pitch.

For any footballer the ambition is to reach the highest level possible in their playing career and for some, this will be playing alongside the big clubs and players in the Premier League.

However, to do this, the selection of clubs offering the opportunity for them to reach this career goal may not be as fruitful as they'd hope for and therefore, they may have to take the less ''scenic'' route to get there.

What i am trying to get at is - has the novelty of playing in the Premier League worn off for some of the players? Therefore, does this make playing for NCFC appealing anymo

15-01-2014, 01:56 PM
Good post Roberto some very good points Mate

15-01-2014, 02:54 PM
Some very good points indeed, but only TWO underachievers, it would be easier to list those who have achieved.

15-01-2014, 05:58 PM
I think that the squad we have is better than the previous seasons. but houghton just can't get the best out of them.
i mean van wolfswinkel was signed 10 months ago, our most expensive signing by far, houghton should have spent the summer building the team around him, getting players in to play to his style, but instead houghhton just throws him on the pitch and just hopes for the best, i don't think he has got a clue what his strengths are.
To me wolf seems to be very good in the air so needs some good quality cross into the box, and making runs off the last defender waiting for a good though ball, two parts of our game that are non-existent, so why did houghton sign van wolfswinkel if he doesn't fit in houghtons playing style.