View Full Version : A miracle if we dont fall into the drop zone today !

25-01-2014, 10:29 AM
four teams below us playing , also 2 directly above and on same points could pull away.
cant believe its came to this !

25-01-2014, 07:46 PM
Two of the four teams below us were playing each other and Bristol City were at Wolves.

So as miracles go it's not exactly Earth shattering.

26-01-2014, 04:59 AM
It didn't happen and was never likely to, just give it a couple of weeks!

26-01-2014, 11:00 AM
" NEVER LIKELY TOO " ??? we sat 20th for most of the day and luckily we had to rely on others results again to stay out bottom 4.
its ok saying give it a couple of weeks but losing 7 out of 8 is relegation form at its best.
can you see where our next win will come from with a squad so lacking in confidence ? because I cant.

26-01-2014, 11:18 AM
That's right "never likely to", because of the 4 teams at the bottom Sheff Utd and Stevenage didn't have games and Shrewsbury and Bristol City were away to Swindon and Wolves respectively, games that they were always likely to, and did, lose.

26-01-2014, 12:43 PM
no worries though there's plenty of time between now and may.

01-02-2014, 06:12 PM
squeaky bum time again lads, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water eh !!?