View Full Version : Eremenko does halftime draw!!

25-01-2014, 07:38 PM
Was at game today to watch a brilliant team display, with Eremenko appearing at halftime to do the H/T draw. Young Kiltie started today in midfield alongside Slater, Clingan and Mckenzie with muirhead behind Boyd in attack. Inverness couldnt cope with the work rate in the middle of the park or the inventiveness going forward. No long balls today, hope we have finally turned that corner! Young Ashcroft scored and kept it simple at the back today and to think we had young Johnston and Gros on the bench the investment in youth is really starting to pay dividends now AJ is finally putting his trust in them. The big on loan defender Maksimenko sat on the bench and we finally got a clean sheet, hopefully Eremenko gets signed and alls paper rosy in the garden!!;D

27-01-2014, 02:31 PM
To add to your comments Tanbo,not only is the youth policy showing some signs of fruit,lets hope M.J.keeps some of them together and lets US,and not other teams reap the rewards.:s :s :s