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03-02-2014, 07:41 AM
From the QPR fans site Loft For Words


Have to say I almost swallowed my tongue on Saturday at the match, second half performance should give us real belief we can get a top two slot. UTC

03-02-2014, 07:47 AM
Link added for you hopefully. - view external link (http://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/news/33989)

03-02-2014, 08:01 AM
Cracking and wonderfully impartial report.

03-02-2014, 08:09 AM
Top read that

03-02-2014, 08:56 AM
Super match report.

Mind you, despite the general appearance of QPR as a club, that blog has actually been the better fansites on the web for a while I think.

03-02-2014, 12:09 PM
Good match report. so impartial, it could be written by a neutral Journo :)

Excellent game and so good to see the lads' efforts being so well appreciated.

03-02-2014, 12:33 PM
GREAT read thanks for the link - enjoyed the write up - just how I saw it too.


03-02-2014, 03:58 PM
Yep, good piece,
Written imo by someone who actually enjoys the spectacle of football almost as much as he likes his own team.
I think as a miserable northern git with a chip on my shoulder, I would struggle to be so giving and unbiased.
I still have no doubt that we should have 84 points at present and have been robbed mainly by Southerners and *******s.
Facts not welcome here, let alone impartiality, the Claret God Forbid!

03-02-2014, 04:49 PM
An excellent report, fair, balanced with some humour, the QPR man writes very well.

I particularly liked "But sure as eggs is eggs, the sky is blue, Ashley Young is a cheat and John Terry is a horrible, racist ****bag ..."

Tell it like it is I say! :D

03-02-2014, 04:55 PM
An excellent report.

The most telling thing to me was the fact they have 7 players on loan, although the poor dears can't field more than 5 at a time.

If the football powers that be can't see that this is just wrong for football, on so many different levels, then they've got their heads stuck in the sand (that's a pseudonym for arses).

Hopefully it will make our promotion even sweeter.


03-02-2014, 05:00 PM
This made me chuckle: "Benoit Assou Ekotto began his pitch for the Burnley man of the match award..."

There was a feature about BAE in the match day programme in which Harry was saying how lucky he was to get him to come to QPR on loan.

He was abysmal on Saturday. Funny.

03-02-2014, 10:03 PM
Wot CleggHall said. Fine balanced reporting giving credit to both teams. FWIW this and the other thread from the same site think Ben Mee had a decent game against a tricky opponent. Thanks Waingate for the link and also the poster that made it work. Two likes owed.