10-02-2014, 09:03 AM
Yet again I urge the current BOD to nationally and internationally announce we are up for sale.

We are an absolute shambles

No consistent dialogue with the fans
No 5, 10 15 year plan whatsoever
Clueless commercially
On the pitch...don't even go there
Vast majority of our fans have ZERO confidence in the BOD whatsoever

They are a failing regime getting deeper and deeper into the financial mire. Heads should bloody roll like they would in the real business world.

There appears to be no energy or spark whatsoever down at BP.. Its ran like a part time corner shop, stuck in its ways from a bygone era

10-02-2014, 09:28 AM
There'll be no part 103 folks, this is the one that'll finally work! :D

10-02-2014, 09:54 AM
Sad to say, and I know I'll get hammered off the ten or so people that actually bother to visit this MB anymore, but I'm kind of at the stage where I'm not even arsed if the club folded.

I went regularly to the games from about 1982 onwards, however in the past two seasons I've been less than five times. I used to visit this and other CUFC sites numerous times a day such was my addiction to the club, but I think the day Story handed the club over to the four...then three men in grey, it's just been a deflating experience as each week as passed. And I can wholeheartedly understand why David Allen had to walk away from the board as he was the only one with drive (or a pulse).

You can't fault the fact that the guys are keeping things drifting along with their own money, and credit to them for doing so. But it's clear to everyone but them that interest from the fans is dropping at an alarming rate, yet they don't have the balls to come out scream and shout - they just drift into the back

10-02-2014, 10:58 AM
Flip I feel exactly the same way as you mate.

To watch them steer this ship ever closer to the rocks just depresses the hell out of me...Its like a car crash in slow motion

I cant explain it in words but our body language as a club says


For a kick off the Managing Director should get the bullet...because who is accountable for this mess????

There just seems to be no ownership (no pun intended) at the club whatsoever.The performance of the business as a whole has been diabolical but do they do anything about it?

Nothing bloody changes does it.

The fanbase wont recover from this for a long long time and could be lost to other interests forever.