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12-02-2014, 05:13 PM
Pickford 7 one flap but generally did well on crosses and kicked well
Chimbonda 6 often without support as Amoo went over to the left but generally sound
O'Hanlon 8 did really well after some below par performances recently. I suspect he has not been fully fit
Thirlwell 6 good to see him back and generally organised the defence well
Meppen-Walter 6 really struggled in 1st half against Hanson and hardly won a header but much better in 2nd half
Robson 7 some good runs forward
Amoo 6 missed a great chance but had some good runs. However often tried to beat the extra man instead of laying the ball off
Potts 7 storming 1st half, tired a bit in the 2nd
Berrett 8 thought he had a great game with some really good tackles when necessary
Redmond 7 looks very promising, one lovely ball inside 2 defenders. Understandably tired towards the end before being subbed
Miller 7 spectacular goal and some good lay offs. I would have subbed him as his work rate dropped when we were under pressure

Drennan 6

13-02-2014, 03:21 PM
Would agree with those ratings 1954 with one exception, Paul Thirwell. He was excellent and truly led our defensive performance 2nd half. While it felt like a form of torture to watch us give the ball back to Bradford time and time again in the 2nd half, Thirwell's organisation and leadership was a real positive. It was clear we have missed him. It was fantastic to see us defend with discipline in two lines of four with Thirls shouting instructions in between our ranks. However, this was a diehard performance and not one which will bring the fans flooding back.