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18-02-2014, 11:59 AM
Norwich City have remarkably admitted that they will have replacements ready should they dispatch Chris Hughton from his managerial position.

The former Newcastle manager has been under pressure this season for failing to deliver results following a substantial transfer budget that was given to him in the summer.

The club's chief executive David McNally has said that they will be ready should the club's poor performances continue.

"It would be almost delinquent of the football club to not be aware of potential candidates, if for any reason your manager left," McNally told the Eastern Daily Press.

"If results are not good enough, you have to be aware of who is out there to help. You look at the market and who might be right for Norwich City.

"If we needed to make a change - and the average tenure of a Premier League manager is about a year and a half, which puts Chris in the top six or top eight longest serving right now - then if a change was necessary, it wouldn't be a case of, w

18-02-2014, 02:41 PM
Phil, the only thing strange about his comments is, he should have made them 3 months back, and acted on them at Christmas.

I fear it will take more than fine words to save us, action was/is required.

18-02-2014, 09:37 PM
Agree Phil.

Yes it was strange, think his focus is on saving face for himself. The fact is its to late to change manager for this season. But he probably knows that its a huge mistake that he is still hear. So saying that he have a backup plan does make him save some face if we go down. And if we dona€™t than he is the fantastic director that did not listen to anyone but still got it right.
For me it was lots of words worth nothing.