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23-02-2014, 12:07 AM
To say I was disappointed at the end of todays game would be an understatement. Done by a late sickener, when it looked like we might hang on for a welcome point.
We allowed their wee "milky bar kid" to dictate much of the game and struggled to live with the quality and quantity of crosses they put into our box.
First half we were bullied out of any shape or system and could have gone in well behind.
Lee Millers inspired finish gave us a boost and should have set us up for a real push towards 3 points, let alone one.
However, it continues to take FAR too long to man up and accept we are going to have to match physical sides for the right to play.
its an oft used phrase, but probably pretty accurate to say that teams that have a desire to play quality football, have to earn the right, first and foremost.
We should have known what to expect from a team managed by Steve Evans and been up for matching them!
G.K.s substitutions baffled me (and many others) today. Noble, who as buzzing, goes

23-02-2014, 07:40 AM
Wasn't this just a case of coming up against a team in form who played to their full potential? Our squad is never going to be good enough to beat a good team at their best unless our entire team plays out of their skin. Our points will come against teams who whose level is similar to ours or against good teams having an off day.

23-02-2014, 09:18 AM
Hmm. You're probably right.
I just hope enough of these opponents appear between now and 5pm on the first Saturday in May! :s

23-02-2014, 11:18 AM
March is key for me.

5 games in a row against relegation candidates.

Sheff Utd will be tricky - although frankly I'd fancy us to beat anyone in an evening kick off at the moment!

After that Stevenage, County, Shrewsbury and Tranmere in a row.

I know we traditionally botch this sort of game but we have to be looking at somewhere between 10-12 points from those 5 matches. That would pretty much secure us and then we don't have to be worrying about games against the better teams. The run in after that is quite tricky!

23-02-2014, 05:11 PM
Got to agree, substitutions were wrong.

As for Pascal - just not good enough, Mcsweeney was better.

23-02-2014, 07:17 PM
Simek was better, even at the end of his time at B.P. (When he was totally shot!!)
Tavernier was and continues to be better than him.
I would love to think he is simply going through a bad run of form and will come through it and start to perform at some sort of decent level.
Sadly, I think what we are currently seeing is as good as we will get from him.
btw does anybody from the Suday Sun ACTUALLY attend Carlisle games?
Yesterdays ratings placed Pickford, Chimbonda, O'Hanlon, Mappin Webb XD (see Nixon at Fans Forum) Noble, Redmond, Amoo, Miller and Novo ALL on 5
unbelievable to award Chimbonda and Amoo the same points as Noble and Miller and only one less than MoM Brad Potts :?
They probably got it right with Ekanagamene.
(No rating awarded)