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01-03-2014, 09:29 AM
Millwall Supportersa€™ Club statement

Millwall Football Club is currently committed to its greatest ever expenses in terms of player and manager costs, together with further un expected expenditure related to the off the field dispute with Lewisham Council over the sale of pockets of land, currently leased to the club, to a property development company. Further, the club is now obliged to meet the terms of the Financial Fair Play regulations,linking outlay to revenue.

As such, the committee of the MSC understands the need for an increase in the price of season tickets. The first proposal presented to the committee was for a significantly higher percentage rise to that formally announced today but, following some discussion, the increases we now see in the range of 3-4% were considered acceptable.This takes into account the fact that these are the first price rises for three seasons, and a current national inflation rate of c 2%.Wea€™re sure our older fans will be pleased to see th