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15-03-2014, 08:02 PM
From the manager down, who would you keep for next season, in fact weather we are in this league or not who would you put your money on to do a job for us.

The worrying thing for me is if we are safe, the outlay for next season would be massive, because, and this is only my opinion, this side needs 10,yes TEN quality players.

The players who I would keep are as follows.
Rudds, both Bennett's Fer Howson Redmond Tetts, Johnson, Would say Wes, (but he wont be here) Hooper, and now I'm struggling.
Goes without saying the manager, and the dross that comes with him will be gone, matters not we stay up.

Murphs and a couple of the youngsters, and thats about it.

Fecking hell worse than I thought, did I just say we need 10 players?

Well tell me I'm wrong then, and lets have your retained list.


15-03-2014, 09:42 PM
Johnson R.Benett, Redmond, Rudd, Hooper, R.Martin, Turner, Olsen, Wes, Bunn can stay.

Fer, Ruddy, Howson, Ricky (will be motivated onely if we dont go down, so sell if relegation)

Tetty, Bassong, E.Benett, Surman will be good in the fight for promotion. If we dont geth relegated, then sell)

Snody Pilkinton, the players on lone, Garido, Withaker, Fox needs to find a new club what ever hapends. (my opinion)

16-03-2014, 02:01 PM

Ruddy - Rudd - Martin - Whittaker - Johnson - Bassong - Turner - Snoddy - Howson - Fer - Hooper - Redmond - Olsson - R.Bennett - Tettey

Borderline(because we won't be able to give him away):


Out(fee or no fee, just go):

Pilko - Bunn - Hoolahan - E.Bennet(unless he improves his decision-making) - Garrido - Becchio - Nash - Fox - Surman - the three loanees.

That's a nucleus of fifteen retained players plus the Murphys and other assorted youths. Hardly the best squad I've ever seen, but we have to start somewhere.
Just hope McNasty has plenty of dosh in the piggy bank, cos we're gonna need it!

16-03-2014, 09:04 PM
I would keep Ruddy Hoolahan Fer Tettey Hooper Snodgrass Redmond Murphy Bassong Olsson and Rudd that would be it for me.