View Full Version : Help a claret out! Live streaming for the match?

29-03-2014, 11:09 AM
Who can help out with a link or two?


29-03-2014, 11:15 AM
Wiziwig usually have a few streams to pick from - view external link (http://www.wiziwig.tv/broadcast.php?matchid=253326&part=sports)

29-03-2014, 11:29 AM
I don't have Sky Sports but I use Now.TV to pay for 24 hour access. Costs a tenner and is way more cost effective than paying for full Sky Sports package which I would never use.

Plus a tenner works out cheaper than going to a local pub and paying their inflated southern prices B)

29-03-2014, 11:32 AM
Download Cricinfo and you'll get access to all of Sky Sports.

29-03-2014, 11:33 AM
Google 'Fist Row Sports'

Free to use, you don't need to download anything to watch the game.

When the ads come up on screen, no matter what they say just click on the red cross on each of them. Once they're all closed you can watch the game with no ads. Don't download anything it asks you too, just click the red cross on the ad.

29-03-2014, 11:38 AM
I think and hope you meant First and not Fist :)

Cricinfo and FirstRow are both free and I use either.

29-03-2014, 11:42 AM
Fist Row Sports

That could do some damage in the box >:) :O XD

29-03-2014, 11:50 AM
[no body] - view external link (http://www.coolsport.tv/skysports1.html)