View Full Version : West Brom game

05-04-2014, 02:32 PM
Looking at it now.

0-1 down. Elmande looking at the game. Snoddy roling around. Hooper cant run. Hoolahan not playing in position and basong? I dont want to see him play for Norwich again. He is our captain and he dont fight.

Ruddy playing well so we still have a chans. But the player dont seem to care.

We are going down. if we cant turn this around in the lat 60 min

05-04-2014, 02:56 PM
I want to give rating to the players for the first 45 min. 1-10

Ruddy 7. Playing ok.
Martin 7. Playing ok
Olsen 5. He have to deliver the ball
Basong 2. Not making the normale mistake, but he walks around.
Yobo 2. Doing mistakes, but he have a fighting spirit.

Howsen 5 Ok. round around.
Tettey 4. Mistakes ye, but he tres.
Snoddy 1. Shoting and doing it all alone.
Hoolahan 2. Out of position, some good pases.

Elamander 1. Not marking his man, cant score.
Hooper. 2. Dont run, but he is playing isnt he?

The ref. 10. Tettey deserved the read card. And he have not given a yellow to Snoddy for his complaining