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15-04-2014, 09:28 AM
Is NA our new manager or is he just in charge to the end of the season ? I have seen many conflicting interviews and reports so I am confused.com as to what his long-term position is. I also think we will be OK as we always play better against the top teams and 2 are at home should definitely get something from Arsenal on the last game and I would hope for a point at man-u and Chelsea only one will be the pool not sure about that one. I also think Hoops and the Wolf have taken a very long time to settle in and create things but I believe they will come true prob not this season but next and with a more attacking style of play get more balls into the box and we will score more.

15-04-2014, 06:37 PM
1 I do not think Neil Adams is the man for Norwich too many of the old pals act. Need someone to come in who is not on first,nicknames etc to the players.
2 Would like to see the Bournemouth manager come in.
3 As for the 2 so called strikers they do not rate in the top 30 strikers we have had over the years and a waste of 15 million might score a few in The Championship or Div 1.