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17-04-2014, 03:14 PM
Have I got this right from the top of my head and have I missed out anything?

Division 1 Champions

European Cup Quarter Finalists
FA Cup Semi Finalists
Central League (Reserves) Winners

Division 1 Runners Up
FA Cup Runners Up

Wow,what a few years they were.

17-04-2014, 03:17 PM
Charity Shield 1960, joint winners with Wolves

17-04-2014, 03:30 PM
I wasn't sure about the Central League/Reserves achievements.

17-04-2014, 03:37 PM
League Cup Semi-Finalists 1960/61

3rd in First Division 1965/66

17-04-2014, 03:44 PM
I used to go and watch the Reserves play regularly and we had some good players many of whom would have played for other 1st teams .

Certainly won Lancs Senior Cup and I imagine they won the Central League but I haven't got as good a memory as CT so no doubt he'll bail me out .

5 teams back then when the production line was in full flow ; it was brilliant . Pointer 1st team , Lochhead reserves and Irvine A team .

McDonald in goal with Blacklaw in reserves until Mac broke his leg and Furnell in A team and Harry Thomson not far behind .

Wingers - Connelly , Pilkington , Harris ,Towers , Morgan etc .

Many manys I could rhyme off ; Meredith , Simpson , Fenton , Kinsella , Scott , Marshall , Walker , Buxton , Govan , Crompton , Appleby
Ternent and many more . Great days .

17-04-2014, 03:56 PM
My favourite time watching Burnley was in 1961/62 and the great team peaked in September '61 during which we played seven games, three at home and four away.

Man City (a) Won 3-1
Leicester (h) Won 2-0
West Brom (h) Won 3-1
Birmingham (a) Won 6-2
Leicester (a) Won 6-2
Everton (h) Won 2-1
Fulham (h) Won 5-3

Scored 27 goals in one month.

17-04-2014, 04:09 PM
"Pointer 1st team , Lochhead reserves and Irvine A team"

Green with envy!

Like you say, great days.

17-04-2014, 04:09 PM
Fulham was away royboyclaret giving us a total of 17 goals scored in three successive away games. Absolutely incredible.

17-04-2014, 04:16 PM
Aye, and 12 in 4 days away at Birmingham and Leicester.

Thank God for Central Motors at the time because you simply had to see it to believe it.

17-04-2014, 04:45 PM
I was too young for those away games but many people say we peaked in that 6-2 win at Leicester.

17-04-2014, 04:55 PM
" but many people say we peaked in that 6-2 win at Leicester."

That would be a fair assessment, strangely a better unit than the same team that won the League 18 months earlier.

Take Tottenham out of the equation and we were the best team in the land.

17-04-2014, 05:17 PM
It's 61 - 62 and how we stuffed up winning the league that makes me so nervous this season.

17-04-2014, 05:25 PM
How about Angus Elder Seith Adamson McIlroy Robson

17-04-2014, 05:30 PM
Yes I could haved them . Started listing players who played for the Reserves at the time in reply to Mel and then highlighted " the production line " . Could have included many many more but as I said it was 1st team - Reserves & A team I was trying to emphasise .

17-04-2014, 10:10 PM
Burnley Reserve team as winners of Central League 1961-62 - excuse discolouration of Burnley Express & News Cup Final Supplement - http://i62.tinypic.com/29c2br6.jpg[/IMG]]view external link ([IMG)

17-04-2014, 10:47 PM
KRJ...the link appears not to work?

17-04-2014, 11:06 PM
It was interesting to go through all the league table history the other day just as a reminder of those heady days.

Went through every one from top to (almost) bottom.

The start of the beginning of the end of dominance was Jimmy Hill and getting rid of the wage cap in January 1961. Not overnight for Burnley, it was a slow process. Which makes this time just as special when they compete without being on a level playing field in comparison to other team budgets.

Wonder what the team budget was in 1960? I know players deserved better- but when many footballers are now paid in one week far more than the average supporter gets in a year- maybe it went too far?

17-04-2014, 11:20 PM
They certainly were great days and one of the advantages of advancing years is that being able to remember the great players of that era. The production line then, as Lotty describes, was amazing. You would see the progression of some players from the B team through to the first team although, like today, somes disappeared each season.
It's a privilege to have been associated with the Clarets in the late fifties/ early sixties if only as a spectator. The top sides frequently scored in the region of a 100 goals a season although the goals against column would give today's defence coaches a heart attack!

18-04-2014, 06:15 AM
only 2 against Leicester and Fulham

...what the eck! :D

Come on Burnley!

18-04-2014, 06:25 AM
We did get thumped 6-2 by Alf's Ipswich before we went on to those wins

18-04-2014, 07:35 AM
The "reserves" drew 4-4 with Chelsea in 1961 in order to rest the main men for the European cup. Lochhead got a couple I think and possibly Bomber Harris.

We were fined for playing a weakened team! :D

18-04-2014, 08:02 AM
It was mentioned earlier that only Spurs had a better record than us in that era. I went into statto mode and the averages prove it.
From 59-60 to 65-66 our finishes were 1,4,2,3,9,12,3 for an average of 4.8. Spurs averaged 3.8. Everton were next at 6.1 and Sheff.Wed on 7.1.
The top 3 all managed only 1 title apiece, Wednesday never won a trophy in this period.
As pointed out it was the end of the wage deal that killed off the town clubs.

Was it not the Leicester 6-2 game where Pointer had a shot hit the back of the net and rebound into play so far the ref didn't award the goal saying it must have hit the wall behind.(by going wide)?