View Full Version : PREDICTIONS, WEEK 22 - Fri/Sat., POINTS

26-04-2014, 05:02 PM
ALCOTT :star: :star: -26pts- from 7 games with maximum points and only scorer on ROVERS' game. Correct scoreline for Charlton v Blackburn, but only one not to score on Derby v Watford;

KENCO -18pts- from 7 with correct scoreline for Burnley v Ipswich;

LIFELONG -14pts- from 6;

SCARJO -12pts- from 6;

TOZ -12pts- from 5 with correct scoreline for Brighton v Yeovil;

MADIRISH -10pts- from 3 with correct scoreline for Huddersfield v Leicester. Only one not to score on Brighton v Yeovil.

All scored on Huddersfield v Leicester.
No scores on QPR v Millwall & Wigan v Blackpool.

Will add 2pts owed to SCARJO (WK20) in standings after Tuesday's games.