View Full Version : Do we have financial problems?

22-05-2014, 09:36 PM
Is this the reason why they signed Adams?

I just don't understand our board at the moment, things have escalated quickly between us not being able to find a suitable caretaker in January to appointing our youth team coach on a three year deal.

Personaly I think his appointment will make players that could help the club to win promotion like


to leave the club before the next transfer window.

08-06-2014, 07:43 PM
Don't agree at all I am with u on not understanding the board but I did really like the style of play that Adams brought in on the last few games our team looked better more hungry and I personnaly believe that if Adams was appointed in Jan we would deffinitly still be in the Orem. I think players you mentioned will most likely stay as let's face it we couldn't give half of them away going off last season's performances nobody will want 2 strikers that between them only managed 9 goals all season. I think they will stay and with the appointments all ready made I believe they will come good under Adams and co and then once back in the holy land they will have plenty confidence and be a real threat. As for ruddy he has already said he plans to stay unless the club decide to sell. We are debt free and can easily afford to keep the whole team and still add to it. I am for once in a while quite happy the way things are shaping up at carrow road again.