View Full Version : Save for your season ticket challenge

10-06-2014, 06:55 AM
With the season after next season ticket sales likely to be launched at the end of this year, it gives us all 6-9 months to save up.

I appreciate the economic climate of burnley but thought it could be a good idea to have a challenge as such for fans to to come up with ways to earn/save money in addition to their normal income and expenditure to pay for their season ticket.

I recall there being a 2 stone weightloss challenge so this could be the next CM challenge. Sell stuff on ebay, earn money through taking surveys, cut down on your expenses and save this money... Whatever it takes- we can share ideas etc to ensure we all have some money to pay for a season ticket.

If you like the idea, let me know with the amou t you are pledging to earn/save and we can get a proper thread going???