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06-08-2014, 04:14 PM
Ok were about to loose Randy after 8 years. Is the club in a better situation now or when Doug left? I would say were in a good financial situation with both chairmen but this did take a tole on the standard of players we recruited. We often yo-yoed up and down the league with Doug and had one bad season followed by a good season. Randys first 4 years were good but the past 4 years of rubbish puts Randy on par with Doug regarding success in the league.

When Doug left the team looked often like this

Whitingham Laursen Melberg Bouma
Davis Mcanne Barry
Gabby Angal Moore

08-08-2014, 02:55 AM
To compare the two squads though I would need to see all the players available.

When Ginla played for us every player on the squad had represented their country somewhere from youth, U21's U23's or full internationals.

O'Leary and possibly Taylor came along and gutted that squad and O'Leary was under financial restraint.

Randy did help the club out with decent facilities, but his gutting was very amateurish.

When Bent was left out of the local game at home to Albion he was perplexed. He came on to a hero's welcome and salvaged a point for us.

It was like he became persona non Grata for that with Villa and instead of being a ***** part of Villa's turn around he was frozen out.

Had he been a pivotal part of the team, Villa could have announced boldly Bent is going nowhere and then sneakily sold him to one of those sides that always wants someone they are told they can't have and Randy could have re-couped some money.

Same with the other bomb squadders.

Villa were sold for 68 mil