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12-08-2014, 03:22 PM
Hello all,

I am student who is studying towards a MS.c in Business and Management. As part of my course, I am to complete a project on the marketing on the SPFL. To do so, I am looking for the input of Scottish football fans on various themes, listed below, re the SPFL. If you would like to post any comments, regarding one or more of the themes, it would be much appreciated.


1.How do you view the standard of the product
For example:
- do you think the players/facilities/coaches are good enough?
- is it too predictable/not enough variety?
-not exciting enough?
- is the absence of Rangers/Hibs/Hearts going to affect the top flight?
-does it represent good value for money?

2.Has the rebranding/restructuring of the SPFL made any initial differences
For example:
-does the logo and league structure differentiate SPFL from competitors? (is very similar to the English set up)
-will Scottish football become improve or become more competitive?
-any issues re number of teams/sche