View Full Version : Match day parking.

13-08-2014, 05:24 PM
Best place for a quick exit out of Burnley onto the M65? I don't mind walking a mile or so from the ground after the match - walking pace being quicker than the traffic. Usually park Hunslet Street or near the Irish League but pretty congested. Any ideas?


13-08-2014, 05:26 PM
I don't think there's an easy answer to that one, I assume you are going to junction 10 on the M65 to go west (and not the Pet Shop Boys version).

13-08-2014, 05:28 PM
Park up past the fire station then get on m65 at brierfield point car towards that way.

13-08-2014, 05:38 PM
I'd advise NOT using the Brierfield junction if going west
Currently down to 1 lane between J12-J10 and causing delays

13-08-2014, 06:03 PM
Monday night will be a nightmare to get away

Roadworks at Rose Grove lights, junction of Rossy Rd and Accy Rd.

Roadworks at Gannow Top roundabout.

Roadworks on Trafalgar St.

Roadworks at Junc J12-10 on M65.

Hitting queues at all times of the day so 20,000 trying to move in a 30 min window will make things difficult.

13-08-2014, 06:08 PM
Go Gisburn Long-preston Settle,kirby longsdale way then.

13-08-2014, 06:14 PM
I have a long drive back to Dorset after games and always park in Magistrate Court car park.You need to be back there fairly quick but you will get away without many problems if you are.