View Full Version : Bird sh*ts in Ashely Young's mouth during game.

16-08-2014, 05:31 PM
Bird must be a City fan.

Video in article. - view external link (http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/manchester-united-vs-swansea-ashley-young-catches-chunk-of-bird-excreme)

16-08-2014, 05:40 PM
Video link - view external link (https://vine.co/v/M37F1mB5IzB)

16-08-2014, 06:10 PM
At least it didn't knock him over.

16-08-2014, 06:21 PM
Only took me 2 weeks to train it to do that.

17-08-2014, 12:04 AM
... And a fan ran on at West Ham and took a free kick.
What do we get from MOTD? A five minute interview with the Crystal Palace chairman, inane punditry half the show and sickly self congratulations that the BBC excels at for reaching 50.

Show us what we want to see.

17-08-2014, 12:41 AM
Thought he had swallowed someone's spit when I saw this on the tele during the game. Put me off my fish and chips whatever it wa!

17-08-2014, 01:38 AM
just surprised he didn't collapse claiming he'd been brought down.

17-08-2014, 05:47 AM
Barring the footage, MOTD is actually terrible now. Dullest men in the world discuss the day's games sober. Would be great if one week they sacked off the washed up old pros and got some comedians in for the 'analysis'.

17-08-2014, 09:47 AM
Good to see sh!t going into his mouth, rather than coming out of it

17-08-2014, 10:26 AM
some people will pay good money to have a bird shyt in their mouth.

17-08-2014, 10:50 AM
What some people do in Germany is their own business. :s