View Full Version : Points this season!

17-08-2014, 10:26 AM
So, how many points do you think will be required for us to survive the drop?

Statistics since the 95/96 season show an average of 38.6 points are needed, but as few as 34, or as many 44 could be needed.

So, if we were to work on a figure of 39, is this something which Burnley can achieve, and if so, how are they going to do it.

Home games: against the big teams, the likes of Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, I'd happily accept a point, and anything else is a bonus. Against all of the other teams, we should be aiming for a win, especially against the likes of Leicester, Crystal Palace, Stoke, QPR and West Brom. Obviously, there'll be a few shocks and unexpected results, but I reckon we should aim for a total of 30 points at home.

Away games: against the previously mentioned big teams, I feel we'll struggle to pick much, if anything up from these grounds, but with the other say 14 games, we should aim for a point, and maybe even sneak the odd win. However, over