View Full Version : No Gain without Pain

18-08-2014, 05:16 AM
The day has arrived .All fans are awaiting with abetted breaths . The world will be at their feet and watch the match against Chelsea .
Playing against the favourites to win this season's EPl is not a sea to drink .i accept that they have spent lavishly to build a competing team . This is not an assurance that they will win all their matches .
They will hit the rock tonight . Burnley have a towering ,intelligent, resilient and hard working Manager in the of Sean Dyche . Since his appointment he has changed the destiny of the club . At a certain time I feared relegation as he had not recruited a single player from outside . Motivation of his players is his forte .The players responded and it was no surprise that they acceded to EPL .
Money , although it is important, does not buy everything . Spending million on foreign players does not spell success all the time .Many players who through the sweat of their brows reached the pinnacle of fame .Why clubs are getting rid of a baske

18-08-2014, 09:53 AM
davemanu2000, thanks for another fabulous read, I love your writing style.
You are a real tonic :star: :star: :star: