View Full Version : Only one complaint about tonight...

18-08-2014, 09:23 PM
There's a typo on the club shop ad XD
Other than that, very happy, solid performance towards the end.
Bring on Swansea!


18-08-2014, 09:29 PM
Chelsea's movement and quick passing was incredible.
Fabregas looked utter class, as did costa and Hazard.
a lot of teams will be taken apart by them this season.
we showed resolve and a high level of fitness tonight, a lot of
positives to take.

18-08-2014, 10:26 PM
Do you mean claretsstare.com by any chance?

So that on the electronic board too and thought it was a typo. It isn't, it is an O with an arrow through it. Awful use of typeface.

18-08-2014, 10:39 PM
I have a second complaint. The impossible-to-use hot taps in the JH stand loos. The water fires out at 100mph and only comes while you're pressing the damn thing meaning you can only wash one hand at a time (while the water sprays all over you).

Sort it out, Burnley. I won't be setting foot in the Turf again until you do.

18-08-2014, 10:41 PM
While we are complaining, the camera angles used by Sky tonight were very poor.
Need them back at the top of the Stand again.

19-08-2014, 07:37 AM
It's not an 'a', it's a sort of back-to-front 'e' with an arrow (as on the link) - is it to try to symbolise the shape of a computer mouse? - view external link (www.burnleyfootballclub.com/news/article/claretsstore.com-one-stop-shop-1045914.aspx)