View Full Version : Back from hols, World Cup and per season games

22-08-2014, 11:35 AM
The new season kicked off 7 days after the disappointing final. Two surprises. 1. Not a huge surprise but we were promoted with the champs. 2. Our co-captain was back after a couple of seasons away.

We fell behind 2-0 early but settled and clawed back to 2-1 by the break. The 95 degree heat slipped away quickly as a storm cloud moved ahead, the ref whistled early so he could move the game along. We arrived on the field, our opponent took its time. The significance of this I explained to my team-mate is if lightning strikes and the ref has to call it we either replay the game or get a draw. If we kick off, then he calls it, we lose. The ref said yep, they are only hurting themselves right now.

There was no lightning coming from the cloud, just rain as the match ended, but lighting struck on the field as our team ripped our opponent apart jumping ahead 5-2. They pulled one back, before we finished the game off 6-3.

Last weeks semi final was more tiring. I think I could have faced a