View Full Version : Mass council resignation.

30-08-2014, 10:50 AM
Democracy and the good people of Rotherham failing to exercise it properly has got us into this mess.
A democratic solution is needed - not violence, not racism and not a witch hunt.
The present Council and Council Leaders appear to think that this will blow over.
I think we need to start again from scratch.
Step 1 - all Councillors of every party step down and seek re-election if they wish - they stand on their record and have to tell us what they are going to do if re-elected.
Step 2 - the new Council reviews the services and leaders of those services with fresh eyes and a view to a safe and secure future for the people of Rotherham.
Step 3 - the Council reviews its relationship with South Yorkshire Police and calls them to account for the standard of policing - which needs to be applied equally to all citizens.
Step 4 - the police review all historic cases that have been swept under the carpet and follow through with the same vigour shown with the Cliff Richards case - arrests and p

30-08-2014, 11:52 AM
There's more chance of me waking up tomorrow morning after a passionate 3 in a bed session with Kylie and Danni Minogue only to find things have got even better and I got 6 numbers on the lottery than the greedy pigs of all political parties deserting the trough of a nice steady number complete with expenses on the council.

We need to continue the momentum of the last council elections and continue to weaken labour's grip on the council, then and only then they might start listening to what the people of Rotherham actually want.