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31-08-2014, 10:54 AM
i see quite a lot of things that we can build on:

1. two good goalkeepers
2. 3 good centre backs plus broadfoot who should be decent at centre back considering how well he is doing out of position (you may disagree)
3. defensively skarz has done well and i still believe in him and pringle reforming their partnership down the left. also looking forward to richardson coming in and brindley's development. loan and regular first team football and we could have a player on our hands
4. smallwood seems to get better every game. for me he does the same job as green but his use of the ball is far better. green is a good back up
5. i believe in pringle and frecklington. granted they need to play better but frecks was outstanding against derby and pringle always has a blip in form
6. taylor is a good wil card. swift should be another we just need to be careful with him and defensively we need to get more out of them
7. we have got some decent youngsters who should get better and better. newton,

31-08-2014, 11:58 AM
positives from yesterday. This is trying not to be to negative.
Collin could do nothing bout goals
Arnie & Woods did there job.
Skarz defended ok
Smallwood all round our best player
Taylor apart from losing ball our only outlet.
Bowery I'd like to see him start with Revell or another target man. There's something there.

Negatives Newton should have been on for Frecks, can't see nothing in Wordsworth. Swift instead of Brandy.
Brindley Steve Evans said anybody 3rd choice which he'll be when Richardson is fit situation will be reviewed.