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31-08-2014, 11:11 AM
1. I didn't quite see us as having battered Brentford, but our performance didn't deserve to see us lose. We made more and better chances, and were unlucky with the efforts that hit the woodwork. By contrast they got the run of it for the first goal.

2. That's half the games now where the overall match result isn't an entirely fair reflection of the performances of the teams. Either that's good, because, in the end, performances will breed results, or worrying because we're doing our best and falling just short more often than not. Doing their best and ending up on the losing side is what teams who get relegated do (if you look at Yeovil last year, they were competitive in virtually every game but just lost out time after time). We need to get a fair few points from the next 3 or 4 games, or there's a risk confidence will slide. Broadfoot's already unwilling to have a slam at goal and if others start wanting the extra pass we could be in a lot of trouble.

3. We're very one paced. Ta

31-08-2014, 12:12 PM
I would imagine Frecks was instrumental in Taylor coming given they linked up so well at Posh in the Championship 2011-2012, albeit it he played more central in the "hole". I guess if he is to be played wide, we are accomodating him on the left as he is always going to cut in side as he has never been a "winger".

It seems to affect the balance of the team, we have a left sided midfielder/winger lost on the right, and a central out and out attacking midfielder on the left being allowed to drift in. The full backs are exposed, and in my opinion are being relied on too much an auxillary wingers to which Broadfoot clearly isn't.

My concern is the type of chances we are creating, I am not sure would be scored by Agard as we seemed to rely on him being in the right place at the right time, and most of our chances came as a result of pressure play last season.

Radically, I would stick Taylor in the middle in behind Brandy, and do away with the temptation to thump it long.

31-08-2014, 12:52 PM
The game was crying out for a change at half time - we weren't 'battering' them as Evans insists. They were playing the perfect away performance, getting the ball back quickly, retaining possession through midfield and breaking quickly. The goal was certainly coming.

For all our chances we had, we were still being overrun in midfield which led to the ball being pumped forward far too often. The combination of Revell (who was being assaulted by the their centre back the whole first half with zero protection from the ref) and Derbyshire just wasn't working at all and Taylor et al were feeding off scraps. The fact we had those chances was more luck and Taylor/Pringle's skill than good approach play.

The change for me should have been either Revell or Derbyshire for Wordsworth to support Smallwood in the middle and go 4-5-1 with Pringle and Taylor breaking forward to support the front man and Frecks being given the freedom to push on.

When Evans did change it it was far too la

31-08-2014, 12:55 PM
Is Wordswroth fit or just clumsy and lacking awareness ?

31-08-2014, 01:36 PM
What we're missing is a balanced team, to give us the best chances to create.

We really need Richardson playing, Broadfoot is a decent defender but not much cop with the ball, Richardson will defend and attack and is good on the ball, Pringle needs to play in his position, him and Skarz are good together, Taylor needs to play behind Revell, Derbyshire needs to be on the bench!

31-08-2014, 03:09 PM
My big worry so far is in what way the new signings are offering an improvement to what we already have (and what we've lost).

Losing Tavernier was unavoidable, and he was always going to be almost impossible to replace. I expect Richardson to be competent, so will reserve judgement there. I don't, however, imagine him to be a buccaneering, pacey full back, and that was crucial to our play with Tavernier here.

Losing Agard was, from what Evans has intimated, also unavoidable. But from what Pringle has intimated it wasn't. The truth is likely in the middle; he quite fancied going for more money, and we were less bothered about keeping him as we might have been for a 20 goal winger. Have we/will we replace him? Brandy seems the most similar of the signings, but his goal record to date suggests he'll only be a 4/5 goal man if he plays every game. I'm not sure Ryan Hall was signed to do anything but offer competition in the wide areas. Both have pace, which we need, but we'll only ever

31-08-2014, 03:53 PM
Desperately need a striker but no idea how or where they're gunna come from. All the decent ones in League 1 are going for millions, and below that is just a gamble. I like Baxter at Sheffield Utd, but realistically, a: would he want to come (United, long-term, just as good an option as us) and b: would we be willing to spend 1m+ on a player.

Broadfoot looks okay but he's out of position. I'd love to see Brindley get a go. He's got pace and is decent on the ball and could give us what Tavernier did. Central midfield I think we're fine. Revell effective as usual. Pringle should be back on the left.

This week I really hope we sign a right winger and a striker, and if we went to Bournemouth with this team I'd be very happy:





Basically the players we had in League 1 though. Which shows how iffy our summer recruitment has been. Evans will get it right over the season, but I do feel we panicked and jus

31-08-2014, 04:00 PM
Everyone is commenting on Pringle playing out of position, and he's he is, but when he played on the left he was rubbish as well. For me, when Hall is fit, he doesn't get a game. We need pace in the team and he massively lacks this, not only going forward but also getting back to defend

31-08-2014, 05:46 PM
I always look forward to reading davidRs and mandys posts as they are constructive and knowledgeable ! personally i always look and can come to the conclusion lately we played hoof ball to revell and then yesterday ... plan B ... we played hoof ball to brandy :(

did we deserve to lose ? not really :/ Brentford scored with there first and only shot on target first half :s but it was tedious

what I laugh at is people that come on here and moan about the moaners :) they try to make out every other fan is thick :)

why don't they do a constructive post like david and mandy so we can see how thick they are ? :/