View Full Version : Out come the underachievers on here

31-08-2014, 02:36 PM
and start their criticism of the team and show their racism on another topic...I dont mean the ones criticising the Pakistani community to a fair extent but the overt racism...Not surprisingly many of the loud critics of the team and Evans also fall into the other racism group ...not all..I agree.

I have a wide experience in life and it is my observation that people who criticise unfairly and usually abusively fall into a group of people who have achieved virtually nothing in life themselves...racists have the same characteristic.

Two promotion seasons and 5 games into the season booing starts together with heavy criticism of Evans and his hardworking players by 'nobodies' on here.

The criticism of Broadfoot has been disgusting...A player who has been asked to play out of his comfort zone and has agreed to do it for Evans and the team..Does he deserve this abuse...No!!...he does not.

I suggest to the numpties on here and anyone who wants to can see who they are...get back under you