View Full Version : O/T If you are traveling by car to Norwich

01-10-2014, 09:54 PM
Satnav will probably suggest the following route - A1/ A17/ A47. The A17 is best avoided. On a Saturday at this time of year youíll encounter a steady stream of farm, hgv and caravan traffic and those who fear their internal organs will explode if they travel at more than 45mph.

As a frequent traveller between Rovrum and Norfolk I find the A17 a very frustrating driving experience. I live about 30 miles from Norwich and it takes me about 3 hrs during daylight hours to get to NYS from home. From home to Norwich is about 45 mins.

I now use this route - A1 / A6403 / A52 / A17. It isnít any shorter or necessarily any quicker (the A52 has a stretch which is 60 avge speed check), but you youíll keep moving at a reasonable pace and the A6403 is more attractive for passengers.

So, ignore the A17 at Newark and motor on for another 20 mls until you go through Great Ponton and see the A6403 signposted to Easton and Ancaster. Turn left and keep on this road until you reach the ríbout poste