View Full Version : 'Evil Plans' For Brunton Park And The New Ground

Springfield Quark
15-10-2014, 02:54 PM
I do not believe that there are any evil plans for the sale of Brunton Park and the building of the new ground.

The person suspected of such intrigue by some people currently has at least 17 recently completed developments where houses are now for sale or soon will be. Thus the suspected long term intrigue over one site is not worth the past, present and future management time nor the future furore.

Of course some people think that this person may play some part at one or indeed both ends of the situation, the leaving of BP and the arrival at the new ground. Would this for certain be to the detriment of the club? I think not.

Certainly I have no accusations to make in this matter. Those who do have any allegations should clearly state them, rather than make vague implications that foul play is a certainty.