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26-10-2014, 04:56 PM
Please leave ratings for all players who have played 20 minutes or more.

Scoring is from 3 to 10 as follows.

10 Out of this world
9 Excellent
8 Very Good
7 Good
6 Average
5 Below Average
4 Poor
3 Abysmal

26-10-2014, 05:02 PM
Heaton 5
Trips 6
Duff 5
Shacks 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 7
Jones 6
Kightly 5
Ings 6
Juke 4

26-10-2014, 05:08 PM
Heaton 6
Trips 6
Duff 6
Shacks 6
Ward 7
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 6
Jutkiewicz 4

Barnes 4

Not unlucky despite the effort we were 2nd best in all areas of the field.

26-10-2014, 05:11 PM
Heaton 6 - not sure he could have done much with any of the goals

Trippier 8 - got forward well and put balls into the box
Duff 5 - ok, but another 3 goals against says it all
Shackell 5 - as per Duff
Ward 5 - not sure he offered anything different to Ben Mee

Boyd 7 - made some good runs in first half, but faded out of game in second
Arfield 8 - always looking to be positive with the ball
Jones 7 - typical tidy performance
Kightly 8 - looked good first half, then faded

Jutkiewitzc 4 - huffs and ****s but never looks like scoring
Ings 6 - one extra point for goal, woeful miss at end

Barnes 3 - at least Jutkiewitzc can win the ball
Sordell - looked lively when he came on and got a good shot on target, also unlucky not to be played in by Arfield after a good run ... Surely worth a start?
Challobah - if I was Chelsea I'd be seriously questioning why I had sent him to Burnley on loan (perhaps ManU wil wonder same re Keane)

26-10-2014, 05:14 PM
Heaton 5
Trips 6
Duff 6
Shacks 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Kightly 5
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 3

Barnes 3

Very poor in the second half despite only trailing by one goal for most of it.

The effort is there but we lack quality and look out of our depth, in part due to our failure in the summer to strength the team

26-10-2014, 05:25 PM
Heaton 5
Trips 5
Duff 5
Shacks 5
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 7
Jones 6
Kightly 5
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 4

Barnes 3

Didn't see much effort in the second half , gave up far too easily the easiest 3 Pts Everton will get this season

26-10-2014, 05:40 PM
Heaton 5 not the commanding keeper of last season at moment.
Trippier 7 decent enough.
Ward 5 did nothing to suggest he's any improvement on Mee
Duff 5 poor for second goal
Shackell 5 as above
Boyd 5 created little
Jones 5 poor by his usual standards
Arfield 6 did ok better when he's out wide
Ings 7 good goal and decent performance with little service
Juke 4 poor again
Kightly 5 as Boyd

Barnes 3 seemed more interested in getting a red card
Other subs made far too late. Bizarre tactics given we were 2.1 down chasing the game and there were no obvious changes in formation or personel.

26-10-2014, 05:49 PM
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Heaton (6) - Not much a keeper can do when the defence/midfield stands off and doesn't tackle.
Trippier (5) - Better going forward, but see the point about not pressing/tackling.
Shackell (5) - we're just not looking solid enough at the back.
Duff (5) - see Shackell.
Ward (5) - no improvement on Mee that I could see, attacking or defending.
Boyd (5) - Decent first half, anonymous second.
Jones (6) - Just about a passmark.
Arfield (7) - Pick of the bunch on the day. At least tried to get something going.
Kightly (5) - Similar to Boyd. Didn't come out for the second half.
Ings (6) - Took his goal well, should maybe have had another.
Jutkiewicz (4) - No goal threat.

Barnes (4) - not even nuisance value.
Chalobah - must be wondering why he's here.
Sordell - not on long enough.

A defeat every bit as convincing as the scoreline suggests. Everton waltzed th

26-10-2014, 05:57 PM
Heaton 6 - could not do much about the goals
Trips 7 - getting better going forward in each game
Duff 6
Shacks 5 - poor today
Ward 6
Boyd 6 - faded as the game went on
Arfield 7 - MOM
Jones 7 -
Kightly 5 - disappointing
Ings 6
Jutkiewicz 5 - poor today

Barnes 5

26-10-2014, 06:02 PM
re: Burnley v Everton - Player Ratings
Heaton 5 should have saved the 2nd goal
Trippier 7 got forward well, looks decent at this level
Ward 6thought he id ok
Duff 5 maybe a rest
Shackell 6 ok
Boyd 5 hardly got a touch
Jones 6 ok but overrun
Arfield 6 did ok better when he's out wide
Ings 8 good goal and decent performance our best player
Juke 4 poor time to drop him
Kightly 5 huffed and ****ed

Barnes 4 seemed more interested in getting a red card

Dyche 5. Juke should have been off at half time and why weren't te other subs introduced earlier. Got it wrong today

26-10-2014, 06:09 PM
Heaton 5 at fault with the second rooted to his line
Trips 6 got in the box and did his best
Duff 5 got caught out on a few occasions
Shacks 5 not marking up and forwards are playing through him now
Ward 5 did ok not better than Mee though
Boyd 5 at fault did not track Bains left trips exposed
Arfield 7 MOM
Jones 6 did a good job first half
Kightly 5 not good at this level
Ings 6 broke his duck but did not do much else
Juke 4 well cant comment
Barnes 4 same as above

26-10-2014, 06:16 PM
Heaton 5
Trippier 6
Duff 5
Shacks 5
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Kightly 5
Ings 6 *
Jutkiewicz 4

Barnes 4 (Edited from a 3 - 'abysmal' is too harsh)

We desperately need Marney back.

26-10-2014, 06:19 PM
"Heaton 5 should have saved the 2nd goal"

Really? A mis-hit shot that could have gone anywhere?

Okay then! :O

26-10-2014, 06:26 PM
Heaton-6 Only had long shots to deal bar the goals.
Shackell-5 seemed more shaky than usual.
Duff-6 Better than shackell but clearly cant deal with headers between them.
Trippier-6 Better going forward but not up to form of last year yet.
Ward-6 Defensively not at solid as mee but definitely an improvement going forward.
Boyd-6 Didnt notice him second half?
Arfield-7* Energetic, decent range of passing pick of the bunch
Jones-6 Slow at times and only uses his left foot which causes us problems
Kightly-4 His final ball is appalling.
Ings-6 Better and composed for the goal should of done better in the final minutes, But better!
Jutkiewicz-4 Got the legs not the finish

Barnes-3 Adds nothing at all
Chalobah- should start

26-10-2014, 06:37 PM
Heaton 6
Trippier 7
Duff 6
Shackell 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 8
Jutkiewicz 5

Barnes 4

26-10-2014, 06:38 PM
Heaton 6
Trippier 7
Duff 6
Shackell 6
Ward 7
Boyd 5
Arfield 5
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 6
Jutkiewicz 5

Barnes 3

We were ok in spells today. We're probably going to finish bottom with no wins if the first goal in every game is an unchallenged cross and an unchallenged header for the other team, mind.

Everton being a hell of a lot better than us (and they are really good) isn't a surprise or a problem, but there are a few things which are problematic that happened again today. As well as the whole giving up headed goals thing, the team's heads dropped at times today and that isn't going to be acceptable. Also, even when Jutkiewicz isn't playing well, taking him off for Ashley Barnes is tantamount to giving up.

26-10-2014, 06:42 PM
Heaton 5
Trippier 7 :star: (Not flawless by any means but the only player to stand out)
Ward 5
Shackell 5 (Wtf has happened to him)
Duff 5 (Ditto)
Jones 6
Boyd 6
Arfield 6
Kightly 6 (7 for 1st half, faded again)
Ings 7 (How bad would we look without him?)
Jutkiewicz 5 (Tidy pass for the goal, just don't let him shoot :s )

Barnes 5 (No improvement)

26-10-2014, 06:45 PM
Ings 8??????? :S

26-10-2014, 06:47 PM
Heaton 6 one fantastic save but flapped at another. Not much he could do with goals.
Trippier 7 better
Ward 5 better going forward than Mee but probably too slow overall.
Duff 6 steady, not the weak link anyone expected..
Shackell 5 beaten again for at least one goal maybe two. Good Championship player.
Arfield 7 good in spells. Better outside.
Boyd 5 good first half. Anonymous second half.
Should have been hooked first.
Jones6 overrun
Kightly6 hard working
Ings 6 getting better. Needs service
Juke 5 needs a break.
Barnes 5 no impact. Would not have been my choice.
ChalobahNR should start in middle.
SordellNR should be ahead of Barnes.

This team is still better than 09 team. Just the league is much better too

26-10-2014, 06:48 PM
Heaton 5 poor positioning and flappy no saves of note.
Trippier 6 decent going forward lacked cover at times
Ward 5 poor balls got caught out a couple of times
Duff 6 ok but caught out by movement of the forward line
Shackell 5 heads aimless balls forward when under no pressure and doesn't form a decent partnership with duff at the minute not sure either no to stick or twist
Boyd 5. Very poor a poor mans Eagles on this show looks slow sluggish and tracks back when he wants
Kightly 6 good firs half poor 2nd great work rate lacks skill maybe
Jones 5 poor when they press looked one paced and dimensional.
Arfield 7 looks bright hope he is moved back wide when Marney returns.
Ings 6. Goal aside looks weak on the ball and lacking in pace he has the quality though
Juke 5 I'm critical of his signing he did ok for a 10 minute period but lacks movement and ability to be a premier league striker.

Barnes 4 nothing and I mean nothing at all Juke was poor but it was noticeable when he

26-10-2014, 06:49 PM
Wasn't it Juke who played that lovely through ball to Danny Ings for our goal?

26-10-2014, 06:55 PM
"Wasn't it Juke who played that lovely through ball to Danny Ings for our goal?"

Yep, and it was perfect.

26-10-2014, 06:59 PM
"Wasn't it Juke who played that lovely through ball to Danny Ings for our goal?"

Yep and that's why he got a 4 and not a 3 from me.

26-10-2014, 07:06 PM
Staggering that a couple of posters on here rated Ings performance as `Very Good`. He gave the ball away for the first goal, took his chance very well, was generally brushed off the ball with ease and missed a great chance late on. Average in my opinion, possibly good but Very Good he was not. I fail to see how any of players earned a rating over 7 today. We were easily beaten by a tired looking Everton team that had played at Lille on Thursday.

26-10-2014, 07:10 PM
Heaton 5
Trippier 6
Duff 6
Shackell 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 7
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 5

Barnes 4

26-10-2014, 07:21 PM
Heaton 5
Tripier 6
Duff 5
Shackell 5
Ward 5
Kightly 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Boyd 6
Ings 6
Jutkiewicz 6

Barnes 3
Sordell 3

Not sure why Jute is being singled out, we lost a lot of our forward possesion when he was subbed. I thought we did ok but we were up against a very good Everton team. Only my opinion of course.

26-10-2014, 07:22 PM
TV ratings from me

Heaton 5 His performnces will be scrutinised hereonin

Trips 6 Some very good crosses
Duff 6 Defended well
Shacks 5 His performances will be scrutinised heronin

Ward 5 No different to Mee
Boyd 5 Some flashes and some not so goods
Arfield 7 He is the playerwith the great engine who actually looks capable and comfortable.
Jones 6 Some good work
Kightly 5 Better but he has not the quality
Ings 7 Took the goal well. Gains one point
Jutkiewicz 5 Worked hard but very ineffective today

Barnes 5 Did not enter the match

Soundly beaten after a slow start. Everton are the yawn team of the prem...just like Swansea were under Martinez.

Glad Burnley are my team.

26-10-2014, 07:23 PM
Heaton 6 Did fine, no chance with the goals.
Trippier 7 Shown in the last two games that he hacks it in this division.
Ward 6 Steady display, though should have cleaned out Lukaku just before he scored.
Duff 6 Surprised me at how well he has performed so far.
Shackell 6 part of a defence that didn't concede lots of chances.
Arfield 7 broke the line well at times another who is holding his own.
Boyd 5 good first half. Anonymous second half.
Jones 6 Had his work cut out in the second half as Everton flooded the middle of the pitch
Ings 7 Looks sharp and carries a threat
Juke 5 confidence appears an issue given the 2 snatched first half shots.
Kightly - 6 Poor start to the game but some good stuff towards the end of the first half
Barnes 4 no impact.

No disgrace losing to a very impressive Everton thought Barry, McCarthy and Baines were top class.

I like enola was disappointed with the intensity in the second half, i would have introduced Chalobah for Juke and tried to get some

26-10-2014, 07:26 PM
Heaton - 7 - Don't think he did anything wrong today and clearly there has been some discussion about him trying to come for more balls in his 6 yard box - fine with him punching if he prefers that to catching.

Trippier - 7 - Thought he was pretty good all round, save for the dodgy back pass which nearly cost us a fourth, although heads were going by then. Baines probably recognised a bit of his young self in his Wigan days in the lad directly facing him today.

Ward - 5 - A worthwhile experiment, but he didn't offer a great deal more going forward on the day than Mee might have, and we learnt he's not a lot quicker 1 v 1 than Mee is, which isn't saying much.

Duff - 5 - Increasingly looking like a solid Championship player who is under-powered and lacking in poise at this level. His habit of charging out of the defensive line caused us chaos, once again, in the build up to the second goal; and the defence started ridiculously deep in the build up to the first goal and I can only ima

26-10-2014, 07:29 PM
"Staggering that a couple of posters on here rated Ings performance as `Very Good`. He gave the ball away for the first goal, took his chance very well"

I reckon there are about 5 other players who may want to look again at their contribution after Ings loses the ball for the first goal. He fed on scraps all afternoon, and whilst he lost possession a bit in some fairly hopeless situations, he did at last require Jagielka and Alcatraz to get out of third gear a few times, which is more than any of his teammates apart from possibly Trippier managed.

26-10-2014, 07:35 PM
Heaton 6
Trippier 7
Duff 6
Shackell 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 5

Barnes 4
Give the Chelsea lad a go from the start, get Marney back and get Arfield out wide,

26-10-2014, 07:43 PM
Heaton - 6 - Doesnt look to command his area and makes the defence look more nervous for it compared to last year.

Trippier - 7 - Looks a premier league player, nuts pass back in the second half aside.

Ward - 5 - Unsure what he gave that Mee doesnt.

Duff - 5 - Starting too look out of place and must be under threat in a leaky defence.

Shackell - 6 - Marginally better than Duff but looks slightly better in possession.

Arfield - 6 - Had moments but still struggles to convince me that he's capable as a CM at premier league level.

Jones - 6 - Has the ability but looks soooooo slow with decisions at premier league level.

Kightly - 6 - Good hustle and had better delivery with his weaker foot.

Boyd - 5 - Struggled today.

Juke - 5 - Not up to usual standards but gave defenders a hard time today. Not even putting his effort on target when a free opportunity is inexcusable at this level though.

Ings - 7 - Gave threat but received no service other than from the Everton midfield.


26-10-2014, 07:45 PM
Heaton 5
Trippier 7
Shackell 6
Duff 5
Ward 5
Kightly 5
Jones 5
Arfield 7
Boyd 5
Ings 6
Juke 5

Whilst not in his best position I think that Arfield has shown to me he is the only player from last year who has got better in the PL and Shackell our most consistent defender

26-10-2014, 07:58 PM
Heaton 5
Trippier 4
Duff 5
Shacks 5
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 6
Jones 5
Kightly 4
Ings 6
Jutkiewicz 4

Barnes 4

26-10-2014, 08:00 PM
In no particular order:

The league is better than last time and Everton are top six in quality.

We bought Lukas, they bought Romalu.

Their sub was an England international, ours was ...

Most telling stat on sky tonight was that they had twice as many passes as we had.

The guys did as well as could be expected. If anyone thinks that they could do loads better, it would be against different opposition. We have to produce 100% to stay in every game and it isn't going to happen.

As someone said earlier, team spirit will be severely tested if we lose every week. Sean is beginning to repeat himself in a very coylesk way.

We need some luck like their second and some inspiration like their third. Other than that we did the best we could.

26-10-2014, 08:03 PM
Heaton-5 Though he looked a bit shaky today
Shackell-5 Did OK.
Duff-6 Just OK.
Trippier-7 Keen to sprint forward when the opportunity presented itself.
Ward-5 No improvement over Mee, in fact Mee is better going forward. Bring back Mee.
Boyd-5 Not as good as the last game.
Arfield-7* Energetic, tried to make things happen although not his best position
Jones-6 not his best game, but tidy
Kightly-5 His pace helps, not as good defensively today as I have seen him previously.
Ings-7 Good performance but should have had two goals
Jutkiewicz-4 Not enough goal threat
Barnes-3 No goal threat and worse that Juke
Chalobah- Needs to start, especially if Marney unavailable for Arsenal

Despite this performance, Everton were clearly the better team, am looking forward to the trip to the Emirats!

26-10-2014, 08:12 PM
Heaton 6 Had an okay game. At least he came off his line a couple of times but sadly without any real authority
Trippier 7 A decent attacking performance although targets in the box struggled
Duff 6 Solid in the air out of the box but exposed when defending in or near penalty area by sometimes non existent midfield.
Shackell 5 Misjudged aerial balls in the wind and poor distribution other than lateral balls to Duff.
Ward 6 Kept better shape than Mee in that he didn't keep wandering infield. Would have offered another outlet for starting attacks if he had someone with pace and confidence in front of him.
Boyd 6 Kept Baines pegged back in the first half without doing anything spectacular. Pity he lacks pace.
Arfield 7 Decent effort. Always looking to go forward and make himself available. Couple of opportunities wasted blasting shots wide when he should at least have made Howard work.
Jones 7 Very good distribution and broke their play up. Would have been an 8 except for the odd occasion

26-10-2014, 08:22 PM
Didn't see the stat on Sky about them having made twice as many passes as I've just got home but I'm not surprised. Apart from when our midfield seemed to vanish most of them were back and forth across their back four. That and their insistence on time wasting amazed me.

26-10-2014, 08:22 PM
Heaton 7
Trippier 8
Duff 5
Shackell 6
Ward 4
Boyd 4
Arfield 7
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 3

Barnes 3

26-10-2014, 08:33 PM
Heaton 6 - no chance with goals

Trippier 7 - fast becoming our only creative threat
Duff 5 - struggled all day
Shackell - 5 some last ditch defending but as with Duff struggled
Ward 6 - did ok - certainly more composed in possession than Mee

Boyd 3 - forgot he was even on the pitch. Describe his all round effort and performance in one word - weak.
Arfield - 7 - played well but would serve us better out wide
Jones - 7* - our best player. Composed on the ball and put a foot in
Kightly 5 - decent first half, awol second. Time and again, there's no end product

Juke 4 - can't fault the effort, great assist, but no goal threat
Ings 7 - good finish and the only real goal threat we have

Barnes 3 - whole lot of nothing

Disappointed Dyche didn't change things earlier. There's showing faith in your players, and there's blind faith. Crying out for Chalobah to come on and Arfield to go wide to give Tripps someone to hit.

Be interesting next weekend - surely has to go 5 in midfield to avoid

26-10-2014, 08:45 PM
Heaton 6 - little protection
Trippier 6 - we seem to get one or the other from him: good going forward today, poor defensively.
Ward 5 - not a better option than Mee in my opinion.
Duff 5 - looked slow and ponderous today. Gave Eto'o and Lukaku too much respect.
Shackell 5 - didn't get close enough to his man.
Boyd 5 - Some good touches and plenty of effort in that first half and looked like he could influence the game. Didn't appear second half.
Kightly 4 - Boyd, but without ever looking threatening. Delivery is woeful.
Jones 6 - alright on the ball, but wasn't great tracking his man back towards his own goal.
Arfield 7* - endeavor and heart, but still didn't really look like posing too much of a threat.
Jutkiewicz 4 - other than the lovely ball for Ings' goal, he was extremely poor.
Ings 6 - alright.
Barnes 4 - not good enough at this level.

26-10-2014, 08:47 PM
Heaton - 6
Trippier - 7
Duff - 6
Shackell - 6
Ward - 6
Boyd - 6
Arfield - 7
Jones - 6
Kightly - 6
Ings - 7 well taken goal
Jutkiewicz - 6 excellent assist for goal

Barnes - 5

26-10-2014, 09:02 PM
Heaton 5 looking less assured and a bit shaky
Trippier 6 some good moments but not as good as West Ham game
Duff 5 gone right off form
Shackell 5 as above
Ward 5 no better than Mee at all
Kightly 5 no quality today
Arfield 6 best player but would be better out wide
Jones 6 satisfactory
Boyd 5 went missing
Ings 6 good goal not much else
Jutkiewicz 4 poor generally. His positional sense and touch is dreadful

Barnes 3 as per previous ratings a complete waste of space. Offers absolutely nothing. I am not getting any value out of watching him play.

We need Marney back and maybe bring Chalobah in. Hopefully Arfield out wide. Bringing Barnes on just makes me want to go home.

26-10-2014, 09:06 PM
Heaton 5 - handles long shots well but tried to come for punch and flapped at it. Quite small for a PL keeper.
Trippier 7 - several crosses first half and played many good balls under pressure
Duff 5 - beginning to get exposed. Poor positioning for first.
Shackell 5 - turned too easily for second. Starting to look a bit wide eyed in interviews, I fear confidence is dropping
Ward 7 - goes to ground a bit too easily but easily as good as Mee plus has crucial experience
Jones 6 - tidy but up against a stellar five man midfield
Arfield 4 - good going forward but in transition and defending gets caught too far upfield. Not his position.
Kightly 6 - kept Coleman quiet, and as we know, when Coleman plays Everton win.
Boyd 4 - not his fault. Up against two Champions League quality holding midfielders and then two first choice England defenders if by chance he gets a run at the defence.
Jutkiewicz 6 - good at holding up and passing, woeful at shooting. So pass man, pass!
Ings 7 - goal will he

26-10-2014, 09:17 PM
Ratings and comments identical to enola.

26-10-2014, 10:51 PM
Heaton - 5: Can do better for the second, it really wasn't that great a strike.

Trippier - 6
Shackell - 5
Duff - 5
Ward - 5

Boyd - 5
Arfield - 6
Jones - 6
Kightly - 6

Ings - 7
Jutkiewicz - 5

Barnes - 4

Below par but not terrible. No quality, and no urgency in the second. Again, I think the strikers were the difference today. We were not as profligate today, but Jutkiewicz and Barnes don't look like scoring. The latter is no use whatsoever at this level.

Need to stop the service into the box better too.

26-10-2014, 10:53 PM
Heaton 5 - I know Premier League players are bigger, but he seems to have lost his command of the six yard box. Three goals conceded again plus two off the woodwork - I can't give him more than 5.
Trippier 7 - MoM. The main creative outlet in the team, but loses a mark through that suicidal back pass.
Duff 5 - After a bright start to the season, he seems to be getting found out.
Shackell 5 - The skipper seems to have lost some personal form, which allied to the shortcomings of others around him doesn't bode well.
Ward 5 - Not much different to Mee.
Boyd 5 - A bright spell but where the hell did he go second half?
Arfield 7 - I thought he played better than some above, but do agree he's better out wide.
Jones 6 - Tried hard but it was tough against the likes of Barry, McArthy and Naismith
Kightly 6 - Decent first half but faded in the second.
Ings 7 - A well taken goal and our only bright spark up front
Jutkiewicz 5 - Includes a mark added for the fine through ball for Ings' goal. Fed

26-10-2014, 10:57 PM
Heaton 6 - ok but felt he could have done a bit better for the 2nd.

Trippier 7 - showed some spark and always looked to get some service in even if the quality was not always there.
Duff 6 ok but no more. Has little permane competition which is itself indicative of bigger problems.
Shackell 6 -did ok
Ward 4 - totally burned for pace by a full-back.

Boyd 6 - Curate's Egg. Shows glimpses that he has the quality we need but then goes missing
Kightly 4 - not good enough. Delivery is so wasteful.
Jones 6 - ok if not a little cumbersome at times.
Arfield 7 - one of the few players we have who believes he might belong at this level.

Jutkiewicz 4 - one good ball for Ings and that was that.
Ings 6 - well taken goal but feeding on a lot of scraps.

Barnes 4 out of his depth by a country mile.

Yet again another game where we have competed and fought but do not have the quality which makes all the difference at this level.

They brought on Ross Barkley. We brought on Ashley Barnes. Enough said

26-10-2014, 11:04 PM
Heaton 7
Tripps 8
Duff 6
Shaks 6
Ward 6 (absolutely nothing Mee couldn't have done so Ben may feel harshly treated)
Jones 7
Arfield 7
Kightly 5
Boyd 5
Ings 6 (super finish, but little else)
Juke 5 (all heart but that really isn't good enough at this level and I honestly think Jagielka isn't much cop tbh)
Barnes (why???)
Sordell (WHY?????)
Chalobah (Why so late????)

I don't want to criticise our great ginger messiah, but the substitutions are baffling tbh. Barnes comes on (why?) and poor Chalobah after 85 mins when trailing 1-3 (Why oh why?) Change it sooner when it's not working and we're looking for something different. PLEASE!!

26-10-2014, 11:10 PM
Heaton - 5 - not at fault for their goals, but general play lacks confidence
Trippier - 5 - just about scraped average in attack, poor in defence
Duff - 5 - not looking good at the moment
Shackell - 5 see Duff
Ward - 5 - was happy for him to start today, but no worse/better than Mee
Kightly - 4 - nowhere near good enough for this level
Arfield - 6 - really tried to make things happen, but lacks composure to play CM
Jones - 6 - tried to circulate the ball, but was pretty much on his own
Boyd - 4 - barely noticed him
Juke - 4 - did notice him. Spanners.
Ings - 6 - took goal well but faded in second half

Chalobah - 6 - made his trademark decent pass when coming on two goals behind
Sordell - ? - forgot he even came on
Barnes - 4 - an insult

Gutter performance today. As good as Everton can be, they walked to a 3-1 win today.

If the writing isn't already on the wall, I'm fairly sure it will be after the next 6 games. We aren't even close to competing at this level.

27-10-2014, 01:48 AM
Heaton 5
Trippier 6
Duff 5
Shackell 6
Ward 5
Boyd 5
Arfield 7
Jones 6
Kightly 6
Ings 7
Jutkiewicz 5

Barnes 3

27-10-2014, 08:11 AM
Heaton 6 - not a great deal to do
Trippier 6 - got into good crossing positions going forward
Duff 5 - time for a rest. Can't fault his commitment
Shackell 6 - another giving his all
Ward 6 - did a job - nothing more
Boyd 6 - linked up well with Trippier first half
Arfield 7 - positive with the ball, always looks to go forward
Jones 7 - tidy, box to box
Kightly 5 - seems to be a favourite of SD
Ings 7 - extra point for goal. Needs to 'man up.' Gets bullied.
Jutkiewicz 6 - quiet game from him, does not look like scoring

Barnes 3 - looks like a pub player at this level
Sordell 4 - would struggle to start in a Championship side
Chalobah 6 - give this man a run of games

27-10-2014, 08:58 AM
Heaton 6 -good positive handling
Trippier 6 - quite poor defensively but good going forward. It's ridiculous that we rely on him as our main creative outlet
Duff 5 - was often a spectator
Shackell 6 - up against it all day but stuck at it well
Ward 6 - marks his man better than Mee. looked solid
Boyd 6 - good first half, should have been replaced earlier in the second
Arfield 6 - always positive but frequently out of position and was greedy in a number of attacking positions
Jones 5 - no point in having one half of a double act, was lost yesterday
Kightly 5 - just not offering enough on the wing
Ings 7* - always a threat
Jutkiewicz 6 - excellent weight on the pass to Ings for the goal. Has zero confidence in a goal scoring situation

Barnes 4 - willing but...
Sordell 6 - looked like he could worry a defender but again no confidence
Chalobah 4 - no impact

27-10-2014, 09:32 AM
Heaton 6 Came off his line to punch away a corner, good fist but in line with this season it went straight to their player.
Trippier 6 Some lung bursting runs and good crosses but we need someone to be on the end of them.
Duff 5 A handful to contend with today but did okay.
Shackell 5 Has been caught on the wrong side for a couple of goals past 2 games but let's credit the strikers.
Ward 5 Did okay against probably the fastest right back I've seen in years!
Boyd 6 First half was good with some good link and interplay but he drifts away for periods during a game.
Arfield 7 Possibly the best I've seen him in CM position but we miss his creativity out wider.
Jones 6 He is calm and assured but always looks for the safe option, there is a lack of 'killer balls' given nearly everything is fed through him.
Kightly 5 He just hasn't got the pace to beat a good defender and too many balls are overhit. A trier but lacking quality for this level.
Ings 6 Good goal, loads of effort but he is strug

27-10-2014, 09:36 AM
Heaton – 6 no chance with any of the goals, was fine otherwise

Trippier – 6 should maybe have got out to baines a bit quicker for their first, decent enough going forward. Ignore the backpass at the end, he wasn’t moving very freely by then and can be forgiven a lapse in concentration.

Duff – 6 he was ok, rarely troubled by Lukaku

Shackell – 6 neither was he

Ward – 6 as I said last week, its better to keep the back four settled, especially if you’re not bringing in a better player

Jones – 7 overrun in the second half, was on his own for a lot of the game with Arfield pushed a bit further forward

Arfield – 7 dynamic and tried to make things happen but should have been back on the wing instead of

Kightly – 4 poor again – doesn’t beat a man, doesn’t deliver a good ball; basically the two main things you want from a wide player

Boyd – 5 rare flashes of goodness but not in the game at all second half

Ings – 8 took his goal really well, should have had a second at the end and was a

27-10-2014, 09:42 AM
I'm somewhat surprised by the negative comments on Sordell today.

He was on for all of 5-10 minutes, in which time he managed a good shot on target and also made an excellent run through the middle which Arfield failed to pick out.

Had it reached him he would have been through on goal.

He was also closing down and putting effort in.

It seems to me that a lot of the comments on this board are based on perceptions and not facts!

For me he needs to start alongside Danny instead of Jutkiewicz.

27-10-2014, 09:56 AM
Heaton - 6, couldn't have done much better.
Tripps - 5, to cautious.
Duff - 5, Can't improve any more.
Shackell 6, needs support to keep confidence.
Ward - 6, Just ok.
Boyd - 6, not going to influence many games.
Arfield- 7, taking his chance in the premier league.
Jones - 7, needs Marney back to be at his best.
Kightly- 6, would be a better sub with 20 mins to go.
Ings - 7, will get better and more composed.
Jutkiewicz 5, tries but not in this league.

Subs - no point in scoring, to little to late.

29-10-2014, 10:19 PM
Went for a break after the match so apologies in posting these a bit late.

Basically, for the first time during that second half I was bored, and thought that we wouldn't survive.

If we lose that work ethic and togetherness that got us up in the first place, then we've had it.

Heaton 6
Trippier 7
Duff 6
Shackell 6
Ward 6
Kightly 5
Jones 6
Arfield 6
Boyd 6
Juke 5
Ings 7 MOM


Barnes 5

Not sure where we go from here to be honest.