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08-11-2014, 04:57 PM
I thought it was brilliant that we had a couple of lads playing The Last Post during the minute silence. I dunno if we were the only club to do so but I thought it was a very nice gesture from the club.

08-11-2014, 05:09 PM
The way we started today,..maybe they took some inspiration,

And yes it was a nice gesture...
Gave me goose bumps..

One proud Claret..

08-11-2014, 05:10 PM
Was it Chris Gibson, Catering Manager, who played the last post? I know he's done it a few times in the past.

Is it only me that thought the end of the playing of the Last Post should signal the start of a minute's silence?

08-11-2014, 05:12 PM
Thought it was excellent.

08-11-2014, 05:17 PM
Chris Gibson & Matt Hargreaves (catering and DOE). They played it last year too. Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

"Is it only me that thought the end of the playing of the Last Post should signal the start of a minute's silence?"

Traditionally it should. Think there would be a concern as to how long it would run if we did that.

08-11-2014, 05:56 PM
Agree on the above. Matt is a good mate of mine. Thought they did a great job with what is a moving piece to play. Great that it was played from two of the club's staff too. Sometimes Burnley get things just right and they deserve every praise for that.

08-11-2014, 06:42 PM
Gibbo missed a couple of notes.

08-11-2014, 07:24 PM
But, '...we shall remember them...'

08-11-2014, 07:28 PM
Very poignant and as a previous poster commented Burnley got this so very right. Free Bennie and hots to pay tribute to our connection with the first world war trenches would have been the icing on the cake ! :D

08-11-2014, 07:49 PM
As mentioned in previous posts my son is autistic , and as he grows up I get more poignant questions posed to me which is good as it shows he is thinking about things. Because it is our of the ordinary and it was well publicised he was asking me all the way to the match about the minutes silence and woul it be a minute applause and also (which landed me right back to how his mind works) will the away fans disrespect it like Middlesbrough did last time. I went on to explain to him what it was about and why we wear Poppy's, at this point imagining the usual 1 minute silence. I was absolutley amazed when the last pots started to look to my right and my son was saluting and had tears streaming down his face, what's more at the end and just before kick off he said " dad, you need to come to school and explain to my mates as I didn't know any of that"

Well done to all, and a massive plus to what has been a great day.

Lest We Forget

08-11-2014, 08:17 PM
Yes the end of The Last Post should be the start of the minute silence. However it worked well and the silence was impeccably observed. Very well done to the club and fans.

08-11-2014, 08:57 PM

Nice photo of it.

08-11-2014, 10:00 PM
Removed by respect

08-11-2014, 10:38 PM
Had me in Tears. even more than usual as my Son is at Sea at the moment.
I am so very proud that he decided to serve his Country.

08-11-2014, 11:17 PM
Proud to be on the turf today. I went with my grandson to theBolton /Wigan game last night. There was much disrespect during the act of remembrance from a small minority. Today at the turf, the respect from all sides was immaculate.
Having recently recovered my grandfather's ww1 service medal, which had been llost for many years, this was a special moment for me . It brought together amuch loved East Lancs club , with a soldier from the East Lancs regiment.

09-11-2014, 07:40 AM

09-11-2014, 08:03 AM
As I am getting ready to parade in Blackpool your post has brought a tear to my eye.
You must be a very proud father.

09-11-2014, 11:02 AM
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