View Full Version : British weather

19-11-2014, 04:00 AM
Tuesday's high in Florida was only about 7 degrees F more than most of Britain. Normal service will resume Wednesday. :-)

19-11-2014, 12:10 PM
I haven't checked the weather forecast this week. Does this mean that it's going to be warmer in Florida, or should I get my snow boots out?

19-11-2014, 12:20 PM
I was really cold the other day for the 1st time this Autumn. I need to wrap up now on the dog walks. Did you know Swansea is the wettest city in the uk.

My friend in Canada is stuggling with the weather and said its already -10 at night. He says he loves the summers but hates the winters and not coping well. I would love to live somewhere warm all year round.

19-11-2014, 06:35 PM
It's getting warmer here this afternoon and tomorrow we'll be back to 70

20-11-2014, 04:06 AM
Springtime and already a handful of 40+ days