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29-11-2014, 11:56 AM
My dad and I are ST holders on the Bob Lord. Dad's is an oap ticket bought on the early bird. As he is in need of a new knee he is struggling to get to the games so decided to offer a friend his ticket for the Villa game. I called the club to ask how much extra to pay. Spent 25 minutes in a queue to be told it would cost 25 extra - based on dad's ticket per game = 15. Today's ticket price is 35 - so subtract the 15 from 35 and it costs 20 + 5 admin fee. So they take the early bird, compare it to a non ST holder price and then add admin?? Should they not have based it upon the difference between my dad's equivalent match day ticket and mine as a full price adult? You can only do it 3 times a season so no long term advantage or scam, and I only want to do it once. So mum goes to ticket office to sort and we end up paying 29 extra. WTF. I have read other fans' experience with our family club this year and am growing despondent.