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29-11-2014, 05:21 PM
what happened today ?. Doubt he ran his usual 8 miles. I'm a fan but he did very little today & at a slow pace. Looked like he scuffed one of our best chances early 2nd half too. Was stunned Kightly got taken off instead of him. Hopefully a one off ?

29-11-2014, 05:24 PM
Running is only half the equation. Apart from a lack of acceleration for a forward, weak shot and no tricks he's well value for 3m :/

29-11-2014, 05:26 PM
Thought he had a quiet game today but still looked like he could create something at times.

He has been a very good signing for us this season.

29-11-2014, 05:27 PM
Different perceptions ! I thought he ran his socks off as usual

29-11-2014, 05:28 PM
Dyche got his tactics wrong and we were over run in midfield all game - that's what happened today !

29-11-2014, 05:30 PM
I'm buoyed.

we could have lost today.

and it is 7 points from 3 games.

29-11-2014, 05:34 PM
The change hit us... A change I would have made but we went to pot after Juke and Arfield came on. Wasn't until we scored that we picked up.

29-11-2014, 05:37 PM
"Wasn't till we scored that we picked up"
I actually felt that was more Villa reverting to type and falling apart. We should then have cashed in, late though it was. If only we'd scored earlier...

29-11-2014, 05:42 PM
How sad it is that some find the need to start threads criticising individual players every time we don't win.

29-11-2014, 05:44 PM
CT is this a forum ?

29-11-2014, 06:01 PM
For once I have to agree with CT . There is the players markings if you want to score and make comments about players performances

29-11-2014, 06:04 PM
Considering he's the joint record signing in BFC's history (I think), it's reasonable to expect that people will discuss what he gives us.

From what I've seen so far, he runs around a lot without the ball (which seems to please some people massively), but does incredibly little when we have the ball.

He's of a fairly similar standard to what we already have, in my opinion.

29-11-2014, 06:07 PM
Boyd isn't without some flaws but his workrate and ability to nick the ball and prevent teams from settling will be invaluable to our (hopefully) survival.

29-11-2014, 06:08 PM
What, every game McGreal?

29-11-2014, 07:08 PM
I guess it depends on whether people think he's giving us the quality we need in a lot of matches.

The only reason Boyd is under more scrutiny than say, Arfield, is his price tag.

There's a lot of responsibilty when you're a record signing. If people don't think he's matching the money we paid for him, they will say so.

I have to admit, his work rate aside, I think he's been fairly disappointing so far. But there's still a lot of football to played yet, so I'm not too worried about it.

29-11-2014, 07:14 PM
I felt he had an off day today, but all players do. Don't see the point on judging players part based on their price tag.

The Bedlington Terrier
29-11-2014, 07:43 PM
I thought he had another terrific game. Probably should have done better with a good second half chance but his work rate is phenomenal. I like his "never say die attitude". He will do for me!

29-11-2014, 07:56 PM
I thought he wasn't as good today as he has been previously. I don't think he was poor though, and he made one particularly good block in the 1st half which could have ended in a goal

29-11-2014, 08:02 PM
His price tag is due to todays barmy inflated prices. If we'd bought him a few seasons ago he'd have cost around the 1.5M mark. Fans perspective on him would have been a lot more positive,

3M isn't a massive amount by Prem standards but it is for the likes of us.

29-11-2014, 08:16 PM
On performances to date, I think he's going to be our marmite man - you either like him, or you don't get it. I'm in the latter category at the minute, but I'm hoping for better things to come

I look at the marks on the ratings - the higher marks have comments like "ran his socks off" attached. I'm not disputing he did, but is that enough really? Ian Moore ran his socks off week in week out, but his critics said for his price tag and wages, they expect more - what's different now?

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but generally I've bern unimpressed to date

29-11-2014, 08:20 PM
Step out from our BFC little club box for a second; 3m isn't actually a lot of money.

He was excellent at Stoke, and matched his effort here too. The difference today was that he was continually moved all over the place, which doesn't help. Started on the left, moved to the right and ended in the middle...I think!?!

Another performance full of endeavour for me.

29-11-2014, 08:21 PM
He fits in well with our 'framework', and it's not hard to understand why Dyche wanted him. He's a willing runner and keeps the ball quite well for a winger.

Maybe he doesn't offer the killer pass often enough, or that bit of trickery to beat a man, and that's what we all look for in players occupying the attacking roles. Hopefully he'll grow into it, because I'd like to see a little bit more from him.

30-11-2014, 08:31 AM
According to the Mail website he ran 8.2 miles again yesterday - a full mile further than anyone else on the pitch. I think his work rate and ball-winning capabilities are probably underestimated by those who don't rate him, but I'd still like to see a bit more of his creative side - like late on yesterday when he ran at Villa WITH the ball.

Whether he's worth 3m is debatable, but this is the "moneyball" philosophy in action - a player signed on his stats rather than people's perceptions.

30-11-2014, 08:39 AM
Thought he did ok and if anything improved as the game went on.

30-11-2014, 08:43 AM
The guy works his socks off and gives 100% effort and I know this guy will score some goals this season...really can't understand the mentality of the knockers on hear...bet most of them are the quiet brigade who sit on their hands in the Bob Lord stand...its pathetic watching the lack of support they give the team looking across at them from the Longside upper..

30-11-2014, 08:53 AM
What does running 8miles a game actually mean?
With the ball?
Runs to be a target?
Running up and down the touch line whilst the play is at the other end of the pitch? (Even I could manage that)

It's like the Pass completion stat. Again even I could probably complete 100% of 50+ 5yrd passes but may struggle with 5 50yrd passes

Don't get me wrong I like Boyd, and towards end of game he chased and won a lost cause at the corner flag when the defender was trying to let it run out, but stats like that done mean anything in the grade scheme of things (and that's from a guy that deals with stats each day)

30-11-2014, 09:54 AM
Another here who isn't per se won over by the 'miles run' stat. It hasn't reflected in perfect covering of the full back, because we've conceded a number of goals as a result of his full back getting beyond him and crossing. And it hasn't really resulted in us scoring goals or creating chances either.

Which isn't to say he's not a good player - he is, and I'd say he, Kightly and Arfield are broadly of the same standard. That may even be what 3 million buys you these days. But he's not a player who obviously improves the first eleven, which is what we really needed in the summer.

The thing which I think lets him down is his composure and decision making when it comes to the final pass or shot. He's got good balance, carries the ball well, and has excellent touch/technique in tight spaces. But too often he gets into good positions and snatches at his pass or shot, or alternatively delays it too long. For all he got into some decent positions yesterday, he didn't produce a killer ball

30-11-2014, 10:37 AM
I can't argue with that Spice, Against Hull for example he was constantly at their players, pressing them so that they could barely put passes together and he was often nicking the ball when they got caught in possession, then he would lay the ball off to a team mate and keep it simple. Thats the invaluable part of his game in a league were opponents with too much time and space can really hurt you.

His achilles heal is that he doesn't always see the right pass quick enough. Yesterday was a classic example late on when he won the ball from a defender out of nothing, but then put in a poor ball which was cleared.

Hopefully Dyche and the coaching staff can work on that but if he had that side of the game in his locker he'd be worth a bit more than 3M, and he no doubt wouldn't be playing for us.

30-11-2014, 02:17 PM
He's got all the essential attributes of a player coming into a club like ours with a limited budget - he works hard, he's tenacious and he can play in more than one position.

He's also served his apprenticeship in the lower leagues so assume he has the personal characteristics SD looks for in a player.

Don't think he ever properly established himself fully at Hull. He has a real chance to do that here. The combination of extended game time, coupled with the ability of the management and coaching staff to develop individuals will hopefully add confidence, consistency and improved decision making to compliment his technical qualities.

30-11-2014, 11:21 PM
I rate him very highly. I think the initial concerns about his lack of effort have been suitably forgotten. The bloke works his socks off.
The price tag doesn't worry me, it was a pittance in the scheme of things. He wasn't alone in not excelling in the Villa game. Most of the team were out of kilter somehow.
Boyd has guile and determination. Not short of tricks either. I am glad we have signed him.
There aren't too many players that try to swerve and dupe opponents with trickery, Boyd has these skills in his armoury. He seems to want to fight to win the ball and I see him as a threat to opponents in most games.

01-12-2014, 12:29 AM
Has skill, can lay and covers a lot of ground for 3m. Excellent buy.

01-12-2014, 12:32 AM
I came up from Solihull with my Villa supporting brother in law and so I sat in the Bob Lord for only the 2nd time ever. Both times have ended as draws.

Being closer to the sidelines than usual (I normally sit in either the Longside upper or JM lower) gave me a real good close-up view of how Boyd operates. Yesterday I saw him make lots of challenges and 'route blocking' (stopping the pass) and the number of times he got a toe poke on the ball to take it away from a Villa player was incredible. He also chased well and got between a Villa player and the ball several times allowing Trips to get the ball to safety.

Yes, his attacking play could be better, but I think the whole team are suffering the same problem. I think that we get ourselves into a defensive framework so tightly that the support from midfield is either short on numbers or late arriving which means the ball is heading to Ings or his strike partner every time - and the defenders are well aware of that!

01-12-2014, 06:30 AM
I rate Boyd, better signing than I had anticipated.

I always thought he was a decent, skilful, elegant player who got you 10 goals a season from midfield (in the Championship).

I was very wrong.

He is much more tenacious and hardworking than I had him marked as and fits our 'framework' really well. Boyd, Kightly and Arfield are all examples of wingers who are adept defensively at helping their fullback, and all capable of cutting in which allows them to play on either wing - crucial versatility for a squad like ours.

01-12-2014, 09:31 AM
the mouth behind us was constantly telling everyone that the only reason he wasn't subbed on saturday was that we paid 3m for him.

its funny that people believe themselves when they spout such junk.

01-12-2014, 12:01 PM
The way that ref was performing on Saturday, I thought Kightly was subbed rather than Boyd because Boyd hadn't been booked!

01-12-2014, 12:56 PM
"The way that ref was performing on Saturday, I thought Kightly was subbed rather than Boyd because Boyd hadn't been booked!"

LD: that was the only reason I could think of too because I thought it was by far his worst performance for us so far.

Kightly seemed like a much bigger threat. He almost scored just before being taken off

I just wanted to see what others thought and it appears as usual opinions vary widely.

Up until Saturday I've been impressed with his contributions & think he's a good signing . He just looked a bit off the pace to me v Villa

01-12-2014, 12:57 PM
"the mouth behind us was constantly telling everyone that the only reason he wasn't subbed on saturday was that we paid 3m for him.

its funny that people believe themselves when they spout such junk."

I'll stop shouting :D :D

01-12-2014, 02:21 PM
Agree with those saying we need to see more from him than running. He's probably a sign of where the market is that he's what you get for 3m these days.

01-12-2014, 02:23 PM
Well, 3 million at the last minute, at least.

01-12-2014, 05:03 PM
The George Boyd story will continue with chapter 14 after the Newcastle game.

01-12-2014, 06:11 PM
Like to see him do more with the ball in the opposition half. As said above he needs more composure especially with his shooting which for me has been the biggest let down given some of the goals he's scored for Peterborough and Hull.

01-12-2014, 06:24 PM
just crusin in 1st gear at the moment, return of Big Sam could inspire Georgie boy to become more adventurous could turn out a secret weapon tried a couple of pop shots on Saturday, who knows?

01-12-2014, 06:37 PM
He has been pretty decent so far. An unusual combination of hard worker with a bit of flair. Does disappear at times but he isn't alone in that. Good value.

01-12-2014, 07:43 PM
I like Boyd, certainly feel our first 11 is stronger with him in it.

01-12-2014, 08:27 PM
Here we go again with the miles ran rubbish. If I wanted to watch running Id go to an athletics meeting.
How many miles do the rest of the team run what is the average for a premier league midfielder lets get the stat boys on that one.
Boyd gives 100% no doubt and he does work hard but there is very little end result I said it after the first game he played and it hasn't changed and it never will thats why Hull got shut of him.
For me as I said before 3m is a lot for a player who is no better than Arfield or Kightly.
I think to get more out of George he needs to be played as an out and out winger in a 4-3-3 formation where he does not have to track back so much

01-12-2014, 08:38 PM
[no body]

01-12-2014, 08:52 PM
There's the old saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. It would be harsh to describe Boyd as that, but relative to the league we are in, it's fair to say that's what he is. We bought him from one of the teams that at the start of the season we'd have been looking at realistically having a chance of finishing above. Bruce obviously felt that not only would he not be in their starting 11, but he'd not even be close.

He's doing ok so far, I think like most I was expecting to see more quality let down by effort. It's ended up being the other way round though. One thing I do like about Boyd is I think if we were to go down he'd stand out at the level below and players like him could be key.

It does show though again what we're up against in the summer. Record signing is one label for Boyd and there's a good chance he'll be our highest earner. Makes you think that someone who genuinely would have bought extra quality to our team would have been double the transfer fee and likely

02-12-2014, 07:42 PM
Boyd :)

02-12-2014, 08:42 PM
He doesn't seem to like getting in close and hard tackling. Runs around a lot in large spaces.

02-12-2014, 08:51 PM
scored a good goal tonight


02-12-2014, 08:55 PM
Excellent strike tonight and a good performance.

Well done George :D

02-12-2014, 09:11 PM
Hate to say I told you so...but I will.

02-12-2014, 09:21 PM
"He doesn't seem to like getting in close and hard tackling. Runs around a lot in large spaces"

Ffs, the lad put more tackles in than anybody else in the Stoke game and broke up a lot of Villa's moves. It may be a shot in the dark but I'm guessing that involves a lot of running..
I can't comment on tonight, I wasn't there but, Christ, there are knobheads on this board. I can only assume their excuse is that they've not been following the Clarets for very long.

02-12-2014, 09:42 PM
The problem is that he isn't Chrissy Eagles.

02-12-2014, 09:48 PM
Dead on his feet by the end was Georgie. Some player, mind.

02-12-2014, 09:58 PM
Found his shooting boots at last!

02-12-2014, 10:06 PM
Thought someone would drag this thread back.

Just as I was thinking to myself that we hadn't seen anything like enough from him in an attacking sense on the night, he benefited from Elliot's "Oh Vic I've fallen" impression.

Fair enough, nice hit, but I still think we should be seeing more threat from a winger.

02-12-2014, 10:14 PM
"Fair enough, nice hit, but I still think we should be seeing more threat from a winger."

Roughly my sentiments. Think it was a cracking strike demonstrating what good technique he has and a bit more composure than I've seen him show before, but I can't think of another incisive attacking contribution we saw from him either before or afterwards and had Kightly replace him to add energy in the final 20 minutes I'm not sure he could have argued.

His workrate is exceptional though (do agree that he does the running without always getting close enough to a man mind), and he seems to have mastered the tackle to hook the ball that is being shepherded out of play back in.

02-12-2014, 10:21 PM
I thought we bought him because he could beat a man. I haven't seen him do it yet! He is a worker but he hasn't really brought anything new to us.

02-12-2014, 10:27 PM
FFS !! His work rate is second only to Forrest Gump !!

He fits into SD's framework and does what SD asks him to do. If he didn't he'd be dropped.

We ain't going to survive in this league due to flair and individual skill. We'll only survive due do people like Boyd doing as he's told and working his gonads off.

02-12-2014, 10:59 PM
We ain't going to survive in this league due to flair and individual skill. We'll only survive due do people like Boyd doing as he's told and working his gonads off.

I'd say it's the opposite; hard work is a blunt instrument that will only get us so far, almost certainly not far enough. We need to add a cutting edge to that effort.

And for all he scored tonight, Boyd didn't otherwise offer enough else for me.

02-12-2014, 11:07 PM
I see Spice and his boys are out in force again tonight. Truly sad posters.

02-12-2014, 11:33 PM
My god, he gets a raw deal this lad. Once again tons of effort, tries and tries, scores our goal and yet it's somehow not enough?

02-12-2014, 11:47 PM
Its the patronising superiority that is so laughable.
Boyd scores a good goal which plays a major part in picking up a good point and we get the critique that he has, wait for it, 'mastered the tackle to hook the ball back in...'

03-12-2014, 06:20 AM
Spice and Enola - give it up guys.

It's boring.

03-12-2014, 06:34 AM
Great strike or iffy keeping? Er, great strike! Well done chaps and another point to try and achieve the impossible.

03-12-2014, 07:23 AM
If people expressing a different opinion irritates you so much, maybe Internet messageboards aren't for you ?

Just a thought.

03-12-2014, 07:33 AM
If you have to reply to somebody who you believe is irritated by your comments, to which appears that you seem to be irritated by his comments then maybe a message board isn't for you?

As the kids say, just sayin!

03-12-2014, 07:34 AM
Genuine compliment that Donz. I've seen Boyd do that more this season than I have in years. Testament to his epic workrate and ability in the tackle.

As for the rest of what I posted last night,.it's an opinion. I notice that none of those who have barracked it down have bothered to explain why they think it's wrong. And worth noting that my post wasn't overwhelmingly negative - think I rated it 7 out of 10.

03-12-2014, 07:47 AM
Gets on my wick does Boyd with all his running around more than any other player in the league, who does he think he is making all those tackles and being our second highest goalscorer.
We should have not wasted our money and gone out and spent 14m on Balotelli - now that's someone with real workrate and a proper haircut

03-12-2014, 10:00 AM
Can't get my head round why so many have it in for Boyd. He fits the 'framework' very well in terms of effort and application, and adds a little something extra above and beyond what is on offer from our other wide players. I'm sure if he had shorter hair he'd get less stick.

03-12-2014, 10:02 AM
Wanted to see more end product from him and got it last night with a well taken goal. More of that needed. He's now on track for about five goals over the season which would be a decent contribution.

03-12-2014, 12:42 PM
It was a decent strike, though from my seat last night I thought Elliott seemed to watch it go past him, to be fair, my seat was the other end of the ground.

He's a strange player, when he gets on the ball he doesn't seem to do much with it. Yet, without the ball he is outstanding for the defence. Trippier appeared to be slow in finding his feet this season, yet with Boyd in front we didn't have many problems. Last night he was on the other side and Trippier was under a lot of pressure, and Mee, who again was struggling at the start of the season, looked very comfortable with him in front.

Nice to see him get a goal especially as I'd rather have a player who can get the odd goal and work hard stopping the opposition getting chances than score more frequently and as a team we concede more and lose the game.