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30-11-2014, 07:18 PM
Please leave all information relating to the QPR away game on this thread.

This is the thread to ask any questions regarding the game and to post info re: parking, places to eat & drink and anything else that might be of value to fellow Clarets.

I'll place a sticky on the board with a link to this thread.

30-11-2014, 07:23 PM
Any thoughts from anyone on parking. We'll be coming down the M40 but wondered whether there is an underground station it might be better to park at rather than trying to park close to Loftus Road.

30-11-2014, 07:28 PM
Last two times ive driven and parked at Westfield. Can't remember exactly how much it is but its cheap for London and very convenient.

Edit: it's 9.50 for all day at weekends.

30-11-2014, 07:45 PM
We parked at westfields a couple of years ago and it was very dear, thought it was over 10.

Went on a mini bus with one of the supporters clubs one year, boundary possibly, and we parked near the old bbc buildings on some waste ground. We paid but it was certainly cheaper than the shopping centre.

Always lots of bfc fans around Shepard's bush green, weather spoons upstairs across from tube station, the Irish bar (where leisure kindly sorted us a spare ticket last year ;D ) are always a good shout for a drink. Also a few bars opposite the station, American themed bar I think?

One of the only grounds I'd been to until recently where there were no spare tickets sold in the away end on the day, like they had announced on bfc site in advance. Luckily they get a fair few London football tourist, so getting tickets in the home end even with burnley accent was not a problem.

30-11-2014, 07:47 PM
Last time I went by car we managed to park where the coaches were, but there aren't many spaces.

30-11-2014, 07:53 PM
The Brook Green Hotel [170, Shepherd's Bush Road] is an excellent venue for some very decent food and excellent cask ales. It was a Youngs[.:) ] pub for many years, but that brewer was bought out by Charlie Wells after John Young died...looks like it has been gastro-pubbed from the website pictures, but it still views itself as a pub rather than a restaurant, and the bar looks welcoming...the pub is about ten minutes walk south of Shepherd's Bush Common, twenty minutes or so from the ground.

Great beer, I have been in many times, but not recently..I recommend a pint of 'mixed' - half of Young's bitter, and half of Young's Special.

CT..might be handy parking around Acton or Ealing then come in on the Central line, will be busy in those places but less so than Shepherd's Bush. - view external link (http://www.brookgreenhotel.co.uk/pub)

30-11-2014, 09:53 PM
'Always lots of bfc fans around Shepard's bush green, weather spoons upstairs across from tube station, the Irish bar are always a good shout for a drink.' - The Irish bar which was O'Neils has apparently changed hands and been done up. It's now called the Sindercome Social (strange!). I'm hoping that it's still away fan friendly as it's always been previously.

Accy Clarets have 3 seats left if anyone is still looking for transport to the game.

30-11-2014, 10:35 PM
"CT..might be handy parking around Acton or Ealing then come in on the Central line, will be busy in those places but less so than Shepherd's Bush."

Thanks, Central Line is obviously the easier one so it avoids any changes.

30-11-2014, 11:13 PM
I live near Ruislip gardens tube station, very close to A40, plenty of street parking, 20mins on the tube, quick get away after the game.

01-12-2014, 08:52 AM
Just checked that out steve_f - looks a very good choice

01-12-2014, 12:21 PM
One thing to bear in mind at QPR is a lot of the pubs near the ground are home fans only (the Wetherspoons and O'Neils haven't been in the past) and they can be fairly strict on this.

02-12-2014, 07:49 AM
JuSt to let you know, if you pArk at Ruislip gardens, the Bell pub is used by QPR fans, it flies a QPR flag outside.

02-12-2014, 11:07 AM
Might be of use for parking...it's a London thing - view external link (www.justpark.com)

02-12-2014, 01:09 PM
Just spoken to the manager of the Sindercome Social(what was O'Neils)and he's says that it is home fans only on Saturday!

02-12-2014, 04:27 PM
Looking at the menu for the Sindercombe, I thinks it's worth a miss anyway. Gone a bit down market there. :( Used to like their pie & mash.

Well I guess its the Weatherspoons probably. The Brook Green Hotel suggested by Hampstead looks good but a fair walk to the ground. Going with some QPR pals for lunch on the day so if they suggest anywhere better before then...

03-12-2014, 11:33 AM
There are loads of places to eat in the Westfield Centre - 10 mins walk from the away end. Going there myself.

03-12-2014, 11:38 AM
There is a taxi price war in London at the moment. If you download the GetTaxi app, then you can book a taxi for 5. I think the offer is for journeys into London, so QPR to West End is 5 fixed price. Also, I heard that new customers get 10-20 free credit. Ive had it a few years so I can't vouch for that. - view external link (http://gettaxi.co.uk/)

03-12-2014, 11:41 AM
5 details: - view external link (http://gettaxi.co.uk/swap-your-bus-driver-for-a-gettaxi-fiver/)

03-12-2014, 10:27 PM
If O'Neill's is a no go, where is the Weatherspoons?

04-12-2014, 08:44 AM
Here are the details of the Wetherspoons -

The Central Bar
Unit 1, West 12 Shopping Centre
Shepherds Bush Green
Shepherds Bush
Greater London
W12 8PH

When you go into the shopping centre you need to go up the escalator and at the top turn back on yourself and it's on the left.

04-12-2014, 09:27 AM
Thanks Leisure

04-12-2014, 10:05 PM

06-12-2014, 12:38 PM
South Ruislip station is perfect

06-12-2014, 12:58 PM
Belushi's (directly opposite Shepherd's Bush Station) is a designated Burnley pub.