View Full Version : The Greatest Show On Earth

03-12-2014, 09:34 AM
Looking back at Burnley's games on 3rd December, there really is only one place to start. It wasn't a win and neither was it a defeat, but it was the game in 1960 when Burnley came from 4-0 behind at Tottenham to earn a point in a 4-4 draw.

John Connelly, Jimmy Robson, Ray Pointer and finally Connelly again were our scorers in a game that was described by one national newspaper as the greatest show on earth. The People newspaper awarded twenty of the players nine out of ten with the other two, Danny Blanchflower and Jimmy McIlroy both scoring the maximum ten.

There's more of this game at the link below.

We've played eight league games since that day and none of those have ended in defeat either; in fact the last league defeat on this date was a 1-0 reverse at West Ham back in 1938, the last completed pre-war football season.

There's nothing too spectacular in those eight games. Five of them have been draws and the biggest of the three wins was a 2-0 victory against Wrexham in 1996