View Full Version : B****Y Hull Fire !!!

04-12-2014, 12:50 AM
less than a day out of the bottom three, but it was a good day out.Free from the dropzone and our heads above the line just like Chad.
We beat Hull, but Everton can't do the same.
Now it's QPR away, another chance to wage war on close rivals.Harry reckons Leicester and Qpr and Burnley are not all going down. He wouldn't commit to saying who would be, just that other teams will be drawn into this fight for survival.
Please let it be Leicester City though !
I would be willing to see us go with them , like some desperate parachutist clinging on for dear life if they were to fall, just to ensure they were down. I truly despise that club and it's slob manager.I prefer to imagine we will finish around 16th. We can fight our way out because we have leadership, Leicester are rudderless and nasty with it. boo to the infested foxes, time for a cull. Hopefully the'll sack the arrogant one soon.Once he's fired, justice will been seen to have been done.