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05-12-2014, 06:40 AM
To conclude racing in beauty ,the Maurutius Turf club has decided to hold racing meeting on the coming Saturday and Sunday .
As usual there will be a lot of activities has been planned say liking the best female dresses both occidental and oriental 9women drapped in sarees ) ,wearing of hats ,seag dances , mimicry and many many others in order to feast the eyes of the public attending and through TV in mauritius ,Rodrigues and South Africa . A racing channel will also be present to broadcast in other parts of the world .
There are many renowned jockeys who are already present .to them ;
1. Damien Olivier - Australia
2. Cedric Segeon France
3.Maxime Guyon France .
4. Sandesh Akhade India .
6.Ahmed Ajtebi Emirates Arab
7.Jhonny Geroudis South Africa
Akash Aucharuz Mauritius .
9.Edouardo Pedroza Panama
10, Rye Joorawon mauritius .
11.paul Mulrennan England
12.Jose de Souza Brazil

moreover ,there are lady jockeys as well .
1. Barbara Guennet F

08-12-2014, 06:06 AM
The International Racing was a grand success . It was followed by a large number of people .Various activities organised were a feat to the eyes . it also attracted a great number of tourists. Some came specially for this grand occasion .
i would like to bring for your kind information principally the performances of jockeys .
1. Maxime Guyon france 37points
2. paul Mulrennan GBR 28 ,,
3. Jose de Souza Brazil 28 ,,
4. Cedric Sezeon rance 21 ,,
4. Sandesh Akhade India 21 ,,
6 Rye Joorawon Maurtius 20 ,,
7. Ahmed Ajtebi Arab Republic 18 ,,
8. Damien Olivier Australia 16 ,,
9. Akash Aucharuz Mauritius 15 ,,
10 Stephane Pasquier France 14 ,,
11.Edouardo Petroza Panama 12 ,,
12.johnny Geroudis South Africa 02 ,,

Lady Jockeys
1, Barbara Guenet France 18 points
2, alice Mills GBR 16 ,,
3. Si