View Full Version : What is the overall financial state of the club?

Springfield Quark
05-12-2014, 10:44 AM
I will make a guess about the club's financial state?

Story Construction Loan 1,250,000
Andrew Jenkins Loan 640,000
Various small debts 350,000
Last Financial Year Loss 369,440 (This is the real figure to be announced at tonight's AGM.)

What else is there? Can someone give the proper up-to-date state of the current debts, loans and liabilities?

How should we consider these various negative financial figures?

The Story Loan is big but not immediately a serious problem. The Jenkins loan will be more likely to be a problem at some stage. How many of the bundle of small debts are urgent? They will have to be addressed because anyone could produce a Winding Up application.

What is the financial trend / direction of the club?

05-12-2014, 03:38 PM
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Springfield Quark
06-12-2014, 07:39 AM
So the real figures, given at the AGM are :-
Story Construction Loan 1,100,250
Andrew Jenkins Loan 495,000
Pioneer Foods Loan 820,750.
Financial Year 2013/14 Loss 369,440

Various small debts 350,000 ?

Hmmmm ... the club's largest debt (or loan) is the 1,315,750 controlled by Andrew Jenkins, then the 1,100,250 controlled by Fred Story.


06-12-2014, 07:52 AM
And sitting 3rd bottom of a piss pot league, And with a list of available player's that nobody will be interested in, So in the imortal word's of Private Frazer, Were doomed doomed...

06-12-2014, 02:04 PM
Dal: I was amazed the debt was not held against the assets of 2.08 Mil. Coming up with a negative number.

Funny math that.

No listing of outstanding bills unpaid and due either - since June?

Based on last year's accounts, we must assume they are operating in the red again too - At least, this seemed to be the message.

The TRUST must go or this club will fail.