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02-01-2015, 09:55 AM
Who can remember when they put 7 past us at millmoor and we had 3 keepers that day!Remember their left winger Alan Groves very quick.Not sure if Ted Mcdougal played against that day before Man Utd signed him.

02-01-2015, 09:58 AM
Seem to remember that Carl Gilbert scored two goals and let in two as a stand-in keeper

02-01-2015, 09:58 AM
Too old for me this one.

But IO do seem to remember an opposition team having to use 3 keepers at Millmoor - might have been Blackpool or Rochdale?

All happened very quickly, don't think original keeper lasted more than 15 minutes and then reserve keeper got injured after about 5 minutes.

Wonder if Zippy can confirm. No idea what score ended up.

02-01-2015, 10:56 AM
I was there. Cold winters night. I think Trevor Womble was one of our three keepers. Final score 2-7 ?

02-01-2015, 11:18 AM
mmmmmm, i was there, think their No10,Brian Clark? scored a hat trick against 3 different millers Keepers...Seamus? Carl Gilbert and Mick Leng...Gilbert came out of goal and i think he scored...long time ago

Just looked it up...10th Oct 1972, no stats available.

02-01-2015, 11:29 AM
Yes, I was there. I cant remember much though. I rememeber three goalkeepers though, I think I was ten at the time, it seems a long time ago though.

02-01-2015, 11:36 AM
Just checked ...match was in October 1972...Seamus McDonagh was our keeper at the start, but went off injured...Carl Gilbert actually let in three and I think that our other keeper was Mick Leng (haven't been able to verify that though)

02-01-2015, 12:58 PM
I was there, god I feel old, :blue: god I am old, :D MATRON...;D

02-01-2015, 01:12 PM
Yes, I was there...and I also remember the Millers being applauded off the pitch at the end (at least we tried to get back into the game, but ended up letting more goals in)

02-01-2015, 01:47 PM
I can remember Carl Gilbert in goal, ducking out of the way for 1 of their goals.I can just imagine what he thought when the ball came at him.

02-01-2015, 02:50 PM
I can remember him instinctively trying to head away a cross instead of trying to catch or punch the ball!

02-01-2015, 07:18 PM
I was there. I spent part of the morning before the game telling my PE Teacher at Maltby GS, Roy Moss what a good side we had and how we were going to challenge for promotion.

I vividly recall standing dejectedly on the Railway End as the goals went in. Carl Gilbert in goal was a comedy act, much as I loved him as a striker.

I was the subject of great merriment in PE the next day - repeatedly being asked by all and sundry how the Millers had gone on.