View Full Version : Few quibbles about Evans.

05-01-2015, 12:11 AM
Don't get me wrong from the title, I love Steve Evans. However there are some quite odd decisions he makes.
Firstly, why haven't players like Fabian Brandy, Conor Newton (had an operation, I know), Lee Frecklington, Bowery (as a proper striker, not as a bodge right-winger), Richard Brindley; been given a chance. I'm especially upset about Brandy, ( who I have seen play a few times at various clubs, and thought he was just what we needed, a good pace dribbler, who can bang one or two in) Him and Newton are our only two Right wingers and neither ever play.
Secondly, why does Evans only make changes at the 70th - 80th minute, even when things are clearly not working. giving a new striker 20 minutes or so to score, is a big ask.
Thirdly, why does he insist on sticking to a line-up when players are clearly not playing well (Green, Pringle (at the moment (my favourite player BTW) and Revell)
Fourthly, why does Evans keep trying to sign strikers with a terrible goal scoring record (Matt D